Growing Up

At the end of last summer we were lucky enough to be gifted a much bigger greenhouse. I was thrilled as it doubled my growing space. Unfortunately Hubby was not so thrilled when he realised that it meant cutting the shed in half to accommodate it 😕

Last year we didn’t use it much as we were pretty much coming into winter by the time it was all up and running. I had high hopes for this year though. 

You know what they say about best laid plans and all that. Well I’m a bit behind. I haven’t planted half as much as I wanted to and was a bit late getting what I have got, into pots. Our garden is completely concrete so everything has to be grown in pots. I dream of the day we can afford to buy somewhere with a bit of land so I can finally plant my fruit trees in the ground. 

So what have we planted?

Cherry and plum tomatoes. We have 6 plants so three of each. That won’t really be enough to keep Little Lady in tomatoes as she loves them but it’s a start. 

A lone cucumber plant. I am always wary of cucumber plants as I haven’t yet managed to yield fruit from a cucumber plant. I’d love any tips you may have on how to keep it alive long enough to harvest the fruit. 

One tiny Sweet Pepper plant. 

Three Honeydew melon plants grown from the seeds of a melon we bought from the shop. Little Lady collected the seeds, gave them to my stepdad who has grown these little beauties and gifted them back to us. I’d love to think we’d get a melon growing 😀 

Strawberry plants are coming back strong. As are the herbs we planted. Chives and mint shown below. 

Tiny cherries starting to come on our cherry tree. Hubby will be pleased. And last but not least we have two pots of various weeds growing to feed our tortoise. 

I’d love to eventually grow enough to cut our shopping bill but that won’t happen this year. This year I’m just trying to keep everything alive. 

Do you grow your own? What to you grow? Any tips for me?

At the bottom of the garden

We were not as organised as we should have been last year and were a bit late planting certain things in the garden. Thankfully having the greenhouse and the nice warm summer we still did okay for vegetables.

We planted 4 buckets of potatoes and have been digging them out in small numbers. The carrots are still a little small for harvesting and our tomatoes are so much better than last years. We have been picking them as they have been turning red and little lady has been claiming them for her lunch box.

As you can see there are still quite a lot still to change colour and the best bit? They are the size of shop bought tomatoes!!

Our bell peppers are only just coming out. My stepdad told me that I wouldn’t get any as we planted them late. Can’t wait to show him this photo. Not that I want to say “I told you so” or anything 😉

We have lettuce growing in the greenhouse and on the kitchen windowsill.

Most of the lettuce we grow goes to feeding George – the 5th member of our family.

I’ve just realised he looks as though he is looking at the lettuce in the photo above 😀

We also have a “weed garden” on our dining room windowsill that provides all the different weeds lovely plants George likes to eat.

Our herb garden is coming along nicely too but they are all still in pots as I haven’t got around to arranging them in a proper herb garden yet. That’s a job for next year now I think.
Did you grow anything this year?