Plastic Tea

I follow a number of bloggers, one of which is Westywrites. She and others are taking part in Plastic Free July. She is attempting to give up single use plastic for the month of July and I have been following her progress on her blog and on twitter @westywrites with interest.

Then I found out that tea bags contain plastic!! In the actual bag! I was horrified. The tea companies say that there is minimal health risks to having the plastic in tea bags but still! I don’t want to be drinking any kind of plastic!

After a chat on twitter about it, (check out @polytheenpam and @ecothrifty) Westy tweeted a lot of tea companies asking about their bags. You can see the replies she got here. I also tweeted Teapigs to ask them as I’d heard that they do plastic free bags

I had a reply back asking me to email Reece with my query so I did. This is the reply I had.

Teapigs temples are 100% made from a bi-product of corn-starch called Soilon, they are therefore biodegradable and do not contain any plastic whatsoever we even use vegetable based ink to print the labels and the packaging! One thing worthy of note is that Soilon is tough stuff, although it is biodegradable it will not break down quickly in a home composter. It takes 6-8 weeks to break down under commercial conditions, but from anywhere between 12 and 36 months to breakdown at home

So there is one alternative to plastic tea. Well done teapigs. Bonus points for Eco packaging too. 🙂

Another alternative is loose tea. Since reading about it I have switched back to loose leaf tea. I use what I’ve just found out is called a “tea bomb”

Picture from here
I just put my loose tea in here and put it straight in the cup or teapot depending on how many people in making tea for. (I’m too lazy to get my teapot out for one person!!)

I have found the switch away from teabags an easy one to make at the moment. The real test of course, will be out and about. Will I be able to avoid plastic tea?
What do you think about the fact there is plastic in teabags??