Tea for two?

Can you believe I found this post in my drafts folder, unfinished? This post is actually from last October!
Item number 21 on my Day Zero List is to raise £500 for charity and this ties in nicely with number 78 – Organise a Charity Coffee morning at home.
I chose a date and sent out invites to everyone I knew. I cleaned the house from top to bottom. I made some cakes, and bought some cakes, and then I cleaned the house again! Having people round makes me very nervous. I feel that they are judging me and the house. I feel that the house has to be magazine perfect. I get myself worked up and so stressed that I hardly invite anyone around to the house. And this time I had invited a lot of people. :/
In reality I had no need to worry as people were coming for tea and cake not to see the house (although I’m sure some did come for that reason 😉 ) I decided to keep the “coffee morning” theme going and arranged flowers in tea pots despite the eyebrow raising from hubby. I thought it all came together pretty well and I managed to raise quite a bit towards my £500 target.

Spilt milk

In order to ease up on our finances a bit I have taken a second job. I work every other weekend in the evenings. This way it doesn’t affect childcare as hubby is home and it won’t affect my main job either.

I spent my first weekend shadowing and as a result didn’t have a proper pay. As it wasn’t a proper pay I decided to treat both hubby and I. We don’t treat ourselves very often so it was nice to have a bit of spare money to be able to 🙂

Hubby chose a DVD. NCIS season 9. This was a DVD I was going to buy him for his birthday but at nearly £40 I decided not to. It has since been reduced and I bought it for just over £18 inc p&p 🙂

Me on the other hand. What did I want as a treat? To be honest, there was nothing that I could think of. I must be getting old 😦

I have been frequenting charity shops looking for wooden photo frames for a project I have in mind for the front room and on one visit I saw this.

A lovely jug and plate. Reminds me of the old wash bowls but in miniature size.

I was rather taken by it and since I have been looking for a milk jug for my tea set for a while, I decided to buy it as my treat! And at £2.50 who could say no??


I’m not exactly sure if it was meant as a milk jug as the bowl throws me slightly. Anyone know what it would have originally been for?