Space groupies

Last weekend I went to visit my sister who lives in Bristol. We are very close and see each other a lot but I very rarely travel the hour to Bristol by myself. 

Friday was different though. We had tickets to see Space. I loved Space and listened to them a lot while doing my GCSE’s. Wow I feel old! Lol! We’ve been to see them a lot recently and they have been regular visitors to the Fleece in Bristol.  

We met up with another friend and went for tea. I was really fancying a chicken burger but I have to admit I was one of “those” people who ask for odd things when ordering as I have given up bread for Lent. I still ordered the burger but asked for it without the bun! I almost cringed asking for it as I hate to deviate from the menu. 

Thankfully the waiter didn’t even bat an eyelid and took the order with no issue. I had the chicken burger (minus the bun) with sweet potato fries. The chips were lush! I would definitely have sweet potato chips again. They are now a new favourite with me. 

After tea we walked down to the venue. The first support act seemed quite young and I felt tried a bit too hard to be rock-y. The second band, although the did covers, were fantastic. I really enjoyed them. 

We were lucky enough to be right at the front of the stage and had a really good view. Unfortunately I’m no band photographer and my photos are quite dark. 

They played quite a few songs from their new album but a lot of old favourites too. Another fantastic, energetic show from the boys from Liverpool. 

We had such a good night and it was lovely spending quality time with my sister too. Can’t wait to make a date to see Space next time they are at the Fleece now 🙂


Escape Reality Cardiff *

**Disclaimer – hubby and I went for free in exchange for a review. All opinions in this post however, are mine (or hubby’s lol!)**

Last weekend was our 11th wedding anniversary. I really can’t believe how time flies. We don’t really celebrate our anniversary to be honest with you and as last year was our 10th we didn’t really have plans to celebrate this year. 

That all changed when I was offered a chance to try out the new Escape Reality escape rooms in Cardiff. My initial excitement wore off slightly when I read a review by someone who had failed to escape and hinted that they would have been more successful had there been more than 3 of them. I wondered how the 2 of us were likely to complete the puzzles if 3 of them were unable to do so? 

Turns out my fears were unfounded. I don’t believe number of players has any bearing on success. 

We had been advised to try Jungala as we had never attempted an escape room before. We were told that we had found an old board game which after starting to play and seeing the horror inside we decide to leave:

 (Taken from the website)

We were quite apprehensive at this point as we had no idea what to expect. 

We were given instructions on how the room worked and how to use the tablet we were given. After asking if we had any questions our guide left and shut the door. The clock immediately started counting down the hour and the pressure was immense. 

We struggled a bit at the start and wasted a bit of time competing the first 2/3 puzzles but once we got into the swing of things we seemed to complete puzzles faster. The tablet allows you to ask for a hint or a solution for each puzzle but they do come with time penalties so we tried not to use them. There are also plenty of cameras in the room so you can call for help if necessary. 

Hubby and I absolutely loved the escape room. I’m very proud of how well we worked together as a team and we definitely seemed to compliment each other in there. We made it to the last puzzle with 5minutes to go and the pressure to complete it was huge but hubby totally pulled it out of the bag and through his brains and excellent team work we managed to do everything we needed to do to escape in the alloted time. 

Our “Wall of Fame” picture 😀

I meant to take some pictures while we were completing the puzzles but to be honest I was so wrapped up in completing each clue that I totally forgot!!

We had an absolute fantastic time and would definitely go again. Hubby, who is usually quite reserved, has been raving about it since we did it and there’s no higher praise than that in my opinion. I personally think the price is a little high (£22 per person for 2 people, reducing as the number of people increases) but to be honest, the amount of detail that has gone into each room is amazing. If you do get chance to do one, then go for it. It is such a fantastic experience. The problem we have now though is deciding which one to do next! 

Have you done an escape room before?