BEDN #15 My Hometown

This is one of the topics I missed over the weekend when we were all poorly. I have decided to do it today as I didn’t feel comfortable with today’s topic of “Favourite Folk”. My favourite folk are my family and I try not to post photos of them on this blog, especially the kiddies as it is not fair to them when they cannot voice an informed decision as to whether they want their picture on the net or not.

Today’s topic, therefore, is My Hometown. I live in the South Wales valleys, in a little village a few miles outside a fairly well known town. I’ll start with a joke….

How do you approach an angry welsh cheese??

Caerphilly 😀

I have to admit I didn’t really get this joke until I was asked to go on a weekend away working with the youth of a church in England somewhere. I now realise that most people outside of Wales pronounces Caerphilly as ‘carefully’. Obviously I got that the joke was meant to be a play on words but knowing how it is  supposed to sound, I didn’t realise that people actually pronounced it carefully. (The joke is much funnier now 😉 )

Anyway…..moving on from the bad joke…..In Caerphilly we have a fantastic castle.



We can boast that our leaning tower leans more that the Leaning Tower of Pisa although whether or not that is something to boast about I’m not sure!

The town itself has been regenerated over the past 10 years or so and now boasts a modern tourist information centre right in the middle of town.


The cenotaph was looking fantastic, despite all the rain we have had, with all the wreaths laid.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I actually live a few miles outside Caerphilly and our little valley has recently marked the centenary of the biggest mining disaster in terms of deaths in the country. I blogged about it here.

On the site of the collery there is now a National Mining Memorial Garden which was opened on the anniversary. It commemorates all the miners lost across the country and also lists each one of the 439 miners lost on that fateful morning in October 1913.



Right in the middle of the garden is this fantastic sculpture showing one miner rescuing another. What a fitting tribute.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


I have been so proud of my hometown over the last few weeks. People have pulled together and worked with each other to ensure that this anniversary was not left unmarked. It reminds me of the centenary of the valley celebrations when I was a child.

I wonder if your hometown has ever worked together on a special project? I’d love to hear about it.