Growing Up

At the end of last summer we were lucky enough to be gifted a much bigger greenhouse. I was thrilled as it doubled my growing space. Unfortunately Hubby was not so thrilled when he realised that it meant cutting the shed in half to accommodate it 😕

Last year we didn’t use it much as we were pretty much coming into winter by the time it was all up and running. I had high hopes for this year though. 

You know what they say about best laid plans and all that. Well I’m a bit behind. I haven’t planted half as much as I wanted to and was a bit late getting what I have got, into pots. Our garden is completely concrete so everything has to be grown in pots. I dream of the day we can afford to buy somewhere with a bit of land so I can finally plant my fruit trees in the ground. 

So what have we planted?

Cherry and plum tomatoes. We have 6 plants so three of each. That won’t really be enough to keep Little Lady in tomatoes as she loves them but it’s a start. 

A lone cucumber plant. I am always wary of cucumber plants as I haven’t yet managed to yield fruit from a cucumber plant. I’d love any tips you may have on how to keep it alive long enough to harvest the fruit. 

One tiny Sweet Pepper plant. 

Three Honeydew melon plants grown from the seeds of a melon we bought from the shop. Little Lady collected the seeds, gave them to my stepdad who has grown these little beauties and gifted them back to us. I’d love to think we’d get a melon growing 😀 

Strawberry plants are coming back strong. As are the herbs we planted. Chives and mint shown below. 

Tiny cherries starting to come on our cherry tree. Hubby will be pleased. And last but not least we have two pots of various weeds growing to feed our tortoise. 

I’d love to eventually grow enough to cut our shopping bill but that won’t happen this year. This year I’m just trying to keep everything alive. 

Do you grow your own? What to you grow? Any tips for me?

Starting a new page

Happy New Year.

We celebrated last night with a Chinese takeaway and a Peppa Pig DVD 😉 Oh the joy of being outvoted by a 2 year old! We didn’t stay up. We very rarely do to be honest. New year isn’t that big a deal for us. We don’t go out and we don’t really make resolutions either. We do, however, make a list of things that we want to achieve over the coming year and I suppose that is pretty much the same thing.

Last year I made a list on here of about 5 things I wanted to achieve. Out of the 5 I achieved 3! I didn’t manage to make D some curtains for his bedroom, neither did I re-cover our settees. I did, however, embroider the 2nd curtain and get the fireplace finished. You can see both in this post here. We also grew, and harvested, a lot more veg than we did in 2012. We stuck to growing the same things, with the exception of attempting bell peppers, and had a good harvest.

This year I would like to:

  1. Sew a lot more. I am hoping to get the attic sorted out soon enough for my craft space to become a reality. I would like to make more of my own clothes and also clothes for Little Lady and baby D. Hubby has a lot of clothes and wears either a uniformed polo shirt and shorts or wet/dry suit for work so I’m not planning to involve him yet. Which brings me to a big one….
  2. During 2014 I am planning to not buy any new clothes for myself and only a small amount for the kiddies. Exceptions include; underwear and shoes. I will not skimp on shoes for the little ones and the thought of second hand underwear……well let’s not go there!!
  3. Running. I want to improve my running and I have my eye on a few races I would like to sign up for over the coming year. Starting off I have a 5k Virtual Race in January. (More to come on that later on in the month) I have also set myself a target of 500km total over the year. This is to try to get me to go running more often. I have set up my runkeeper app to count every run I do from today to the 31st December.
  4. Curtains for baby D’s room. I have seen fabric that I like and plan to order it asap. We have taken D’s cot away and he’s sleeping in a big boy’s bed now so it’ll be nice for him to have a big boy’s room too.
  5. Continue in the garden. We acquired 5 blackcurrant bushes to add to the fruit trees we already have. I want to plant more and use the harvest to make a lot of our food from scratch.
  6. Decluttering and sorting. Ruthlessly. I really really want my craft/office space in the attic so I really need to get my bum in gear with this one. It will be a long slog as not only do we have a lot of stuff in the attic, but the spare room soon to be play room, has a lot of stuff in it, as does the space under the stairs. Our house is almost bursting with stuff, and we need to continue the work we started, and abandoned, pretty much this time last year!

I hope you will join me in 2014 and let’s see if I can do better than the 3/5 I achieved last year.

At the bottom of the garden

We were not as organised as we should have been last year and were a bit late planting certain things in the garden. Thankfully having the greenhouse and the nice warm summer we still did okay for vegetables.

We planted 4 buckets of potatoes and have been digging them out in small numbers. The carrots are still a little small for harvesting and our tomatoes are so much better than last years. We have been picking them as they have been turning red and little lady has been claiming them for her lunch box.

As you can see there are still quite a lot still to change colour and the best bit? They are the size of shop bought tomatoes!!

Our bell peppers are only just coming out. My stepdad told me that I wouldn’t get any as we planted them late. Can’t wait to show him this photo. Not that I want to say “I told you so” or anything 😉

We have lettuce growing in the greenhouse and on the kitchen windowsill.

Most of the lettuce we grow goes to feeding George – the 5th member of our family.

I’ve just realised he looks as though he is looking at the lettuce in the photo above 😀

We also have a “weed garden” on our dining room windowsill that provides all the different weeds lovely plants George likes to eat.

Our herb garden is coming along nicely too but they are all still in pots as I haven’t got around to arranging them in a proper herb garden yet. That’s a job for next year now I think.
Did you grow anything this year?

New year’s Resolutions

I don’t really like the term “new year resolutions”. Resolutions are something you make on the 31st December and have broken by the 31st January. Instead I prefer to make a list of everything I would like to accomplish during the course of that particular year. Last year my list comprised of things like “have a healthy savings pot” (failed) and “buy a new-to-me car” (check!) hmmmm…..I wonder if they could be linked???????

There are a few things on my list already for 2013. A lot of these are things that need doing around the house that have been ignored for the past year or so. These include:

1) finish fireplace


2) Embroider 2nd curtain (no I still haven’t got round to doing that!)


3) curtains for baby D’s bedroom. He just has blackout blinds at the minute which we had to cut to size and a sliver of light gets through around the edges.

4) grow more veg than we did last year

That’s not all we grew mind. This greenhouse was full by the end of summer. 🙂

5) recover both settees. At the minute we have one blue one and one orange one. We would like them to eventually be the same colour.

I do have much much more on my list but I wouldn’t want to bore you lovely people too much in one go. I’m sure you’ll hear about them in posts throughout the coming year.

Happy new year all xx