Passing it on

When I was pregnant with both little lady and D I couldn’t help spending time thinking about the things they would get from me. Would they have my dark hair or be lighter like their dad? Would they have my dark brown eyes?

Little lady has her dad’s light brown hair and green/brown eyes. She tans easily like her father and has his laid back nature. She has inherited his love for books and reading. She has many of his characteristics and yet looks (as I’m told often) exactly like me. D on the other hand, has much darker hair and eyes. He has pale skin and loves routine, just like me.

I still spend time wondering which parts of their developing personality will come from me and which parts will come from their dad. It’s so interesting to see two children so alike but again, so different. Both made by the same parents, sharing the same genes but both their own unique person.

But what about the things we don’t want to pass on? Do I really want to wish my nose (that I got from my dad) on my children? What about my chunky thighs (my nan’s side of the family)? What about my deafness??

D will be 3 years old in 3 months time and his speech is very poor. At first it is easy to pass off with the age old “all children develop at different rates” or the other one “boys are much lazier than girls”. But at what point do you start to worry? When you notice he’s not mixing with other children because he can’t communicate with them? When you realise that he will start school in January and start worrying that if he can’t speak English properly, how will he cope in a welsh language school? When the speech therapist suggests to you that you should get his hearing tested?

Of all the things I could give my son, I may have given him my deafness. I know I may be worrying prematurely, but just thinking of all the times I’ve struggled to keep up with a conversation, making excuses not to go out with friends as I know conversations will be difficult to follow when there is a group of people. Annoying other people with the subtitles on the TV, having to choose whether to crochet/knitn or watch a DVD (okay, so that might not be a big worry to him) as it’s hard to read the subtitles and look at my crochet/knitting at the same time.

I’ve had my hearing aids over 20 years now and they are part of me. Even little lady knows that I can’t hear her without them in. I am finally comfortable to admit to people that I “don’t hear very well” but it’s taken me 20 years to get here. I don’t want to pass that on to my beautiful boy. I’d rather he had my nose.

Running away

I am now well into my race for life training. It’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of running that isn’t the sprint from where I’m sat to the part of the playground little lady has just fallen off, but I am actually starting to get somewhere now. I have been using a podcast to help me with my training and I am getting better. Okay so the “motivational” music leaves a lot to be desired but the actual training is pretty good.

That said there have been a few things I have learnt while out running.

The first thing, is that I have very floppy hair and it drives me mad. It flops up and down as I run, then blows in front of my face, then up in the air, then in my face, then to the other side of my parting – which just feels wrong. My hair is too short to tie up so I am constantly rearranging my hair! Surely other runners don’t get this?

The solution? Borrow a hair clip (a pink sparkly heart one no less) from little lady and with a few added brown hair grips, clip it back so that it wouldn’t move in a hurricane! Good move. Problem number one – sorted!

Then I treated myself to an armband to keep my iPhone in while I run. Fab little gadget. The touchscreen still works through the plastic and my phone is safe while I’m running. One problem though – the popper is so tight that once my phone is in it I can’t get it back out again! It has started to loosen off a bit so I am starting to be able to do it myself without having to wait til hubby gets home. Problem number 2 – getting there!

Now my hair is no longer bothering me and my phone is safe in my new armband, I have discovered another annoying thing that happen when I run. (Does anyone else find they have too much time on their hands while they run? Nope? Just me then!!)

I have in the ear headphones to listen to my podcast while running but they keep falling out. If I’m not rearranging my hair, I’m finding and relocating my earphones! It’s a wonder I find time to run at all! Luckily hubby came to the rescue with a solution to this problem. He bought me this….

It is a set of headphones especially made to work with my hearing aids. It plugs into my phone, the loop goes around my neck, I put both my hearing aids to the ‘T’ position and away we go! My own personal loop system. To top it all off, no one can hear my “motivational” music no matter how loud i have it! Success.

So I think I am now ready for the race for life. Don’t expect a good time as I am very slow but I really want to see how far I can run without stopping. I do plan to post my time here after the race so please be kind to me and don’t laugh.

Don’t forget I am running for Cancer Research and you can sponsor me if you wish by using the “sponsor me” button on the right hand side of this page. Thank you.