Gromit Unleashed

Last Saturday night little lady, baby D and I travelled to Bristol to stay with my sister ready for the 5k we were doing on Sunday. As I drove down one of the streets I noticed a 5ft Gromit statue standing on the corner.

Vincent Van Gromit

Vincent Van Gromit

Last to the party as always, my sister explained he had been there for weeks and was part of a massive Gromit hunt around the city. There are 79 Gromits dotted around Bristol with one in Paddington Station in London. The downside was that this was the last weekend they were on show 😦

The next morning we had to go to the train station to collect hubby as due to work commitments, he had been unable to travel with us the day before. We pulled up outside the train station to be greeted with this – Gromit number 2.

Isambark Kingdog Brynel

Isambark Kingdog Brunel

There was also another one in the station itself. Little lady was so excited about seeing them, that I was a bit gutted that we didn’t know about it earlier so that we could have spent a whole day looking for them. Mental note made to be more aware of things to do/exhibitions etc in our locality.

We went back to my sister’s house to get changed then set off for the Downs where the run was taking place. We decided to walk and it wasn’t long before we came across these 2

Rose Dog

Rose Dog

Golden Gromit

That was 5 and we hadn’t even run yet. Little lady and I were so excited! We decided that once the run was over we would spend the afternoon trying to find as many Gromits as we could before they were moved to a secret location (apparently).

The next Gromit we found was this one



Out of the ones that we saw this one is one of my favourites. That may change when we see them all together in a couple of weeks time.

Gromit number 7 (on our list) is the only one to feature Wallace and was sitting in the entrance to the Museum. This one will feature in another blog post to come, as I was very pleased to see this one for reasons to be revealed soon.



Moving on to number 8 which was in the library.

The Grommalo

The Grommalo

And just outside we were treated to this pretty one designed by Joanna Lumley OBE

Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion

Altogether we managed to find 13 Gromits in one afternoon. Had I known about it earlier then I would have made the effort to see as many as I could as both little lady and myself really enjoyed finding them. Here are some of the other Gromits we found.

Gromit Hunt

There will be an exhibition running from the 18-22nd September at the RWA Bristol and this will be the only chance to see all 80 Gromits together before they are auctioned off in October. This has already been marked in my diary and we will be there on the Saturday as I have pinky promised little lady that we can go. So if you are going to see “The Greatest Dog Show on Earth” let me know. I may see you there.

End of summer

Well we are nearly at the end of summer. Where has it gone? Although Little lady is ready to go back to school, this summer has seemed to fly by.

So what have we been up to? Here is our summer round up Lucy style.

We visited a local fairy princess castle.


We took part in a family fun day in a local park.


Little lady climbed a ginormous wall.


We made robots out of cardboard boxes.


    We celebrated my lovely mum’s birthday with a family tea party.


    We rode a canal boat down part of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal


    And little lady made her very first dress (dolly sized)


    What did you do over the holidays?

Once upon a time

Yesterday we had planned a family bike ride but the torrential rain soon put a stop to that so we needed to find another activity as little lady was a bit upset that we couldn’t go out. Whenever we drive home from Cardiff we get a glimpse of what looks like a magical castle hidden in the trees.

Picture from here

Little lady thinks it looks like a princess castle and to be fair I agree with her. She has always said she would love to go and to my shame its been 20years (maybe more) since the last time I went. Why do we ignore the treasures on our doorstep?

The change of plan saw us eat our lunch on the front room floor as an indoor picnic before setting off to Castell Coch (the red castle).

We had to run from the car up the drawbridge as it was bucketing down but once inside little lady was mesmerised. She loved climbing all the way up the 2 towers


The rooms were so ornate


Look at this wardrobe in Lady Bute’s bedroom

And the fireplaces were huge

Little lady had a fantastic time exploring all the rooms and baby D loved showing off his stair climbing ability on any of the numerous staircases. Even hubby was impressed so I think that makes it a very successful day out.

What have you been up to over the holidays?