Sunny days

The weather has been glorious here over the last week. We have been so lucky. I do hope this isn’t our summer though.

Little lady has been asking to go for a bike ride since forever. Well it feels like anyway. Hubby had a few days off last weekend so as the weather was nice we packed up a picnic and got the bikes out. Well actually only hubby and little lady got their bikes out. Turns out we are missing the bit that hooks baby D’s baby carrier onto my bike 😦 so I walked while pushing baby D in the pushchair.

We decided to go down the cycle path that runs from our village to the next. It’s quiet and away from the road so little lady was pretty safe to ride her bike.

We had a lovely time although I didn’t see much of little lady and hubby on the way as they zoomed off ahead of us slow coaches.


There he is just behind little lady who you can’t see.

Baby D enjoyed stopping to look at the little streams that ran alongside the path and I enjoyed seeing the bluebells out. Although not very many, still pretty don’t you think?

One we got to the end, just under 2.5m from where we started, we crossed over the road and had a picnic in the field.

We played some games. Tag is a special favourite although I’m sure there are many other names for it.

We called in a park, where both little lady and baby D had fun on the swings and the roundabout before making our way slowly – on tired legs – home.

I hope you are enjoying this weather too.