Christmas Hair

Just a quick catch up really. I was planning on writing this post before Christmas but time got away from me. The pictures are not great and taking better pictures is something I want to work on this year. I tend to snap and go rather than stage photos. It’s a bit more natural but they don’t always turn out great. These photos for instance suffer from bad lighting as they were taking early in the morning before Little Lady went to school.

Anyway, enough waffling. During the last week of school little lady wore her hair in a different Christmas style every day.

Day 1 – Christmas jumper day (Friday) and it’s a snowman

Day 2 – (Monday) a simple plait with a Christmas bow

Day 3 – Santa

Day 4 – a star

Day 5 – Rudolph

Day 6 – (Friday) a Christmas tree with a star on top

They are not perfect but we loved doing them and a lot of the staff at Little Lady’s school commented to me how much they loved seeing all the different designs. I need new ideas for next year now 😀

Merry Christmas – kind of

Don’t worry I haven’t completely lost my marbles. I do know it’s February.

Last Saturday I was driving home from parkrun when my mam rang. I pulled over and she asked if I would call in on my way home. She panicked me a little bit as we see her quite often so there’s not much that can’t wait til the next time we see her (which would have been on the Sunday in this case).

As a dutiful daughter I called in on my way home. She lives 2 streets away from me 😉 Even more worrying was when she asked “Promise you won’t be cross?” I couldn’t promise. I didn’t know what she was going to say. All sorts of scenarios were running through my mind at this point.

“Close your eyes and put your hands out” which I did and was presented with a lovely lovely jumper.

Excuse my mad hair!
“Merry Christmas” she said!

Apparently mam had bought it for me for Christmas after I had commented on it when one of the girls at youth club had worn it, and she put it somewhere so safe she had forgotten about it! She was afraid I’d be cross! I was made up that I’d been given a new jumper!

Have you ever forgotten about a Christmas present? Or had one really late?

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you who have read, liked and commented on this blog this year. I appreciate every single one of you and the fact that you take the time to come here and visit me really makes me smile. I hope you all have a very happy Christmas and a healthy and happy new year.

I am hoping to post again before the new year but we are visiting family and well, you all know how busy it can be over Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone


Looking a lot like Christmas

So close to christmas now. Only 4 sleeps to go and I still haven’t finished wrapping yet. I seem to be getting less and less festive the closer it gets 😦 I was very disappointed when I pulled all the decorations out of the attic. The front room looks very bare this year and I’m not sure why? I don’t know if I missed a box of decorations or if they have always looked this sad? Anyway I now have a challenge for next year. To make/buy more decorations ready for next Christmas. I haven’t got much to say so I’ll leave you with pictures of our (very sparse) decorations.


A present from a German christmas market. Thanks Mam xx

I love his little dangling legs and would love a Santa to match if I can find one.

There will be no fire in our fireplace 😦

And what christmas post would be complete without a picture of Little Lady on her way to school on Christmas jumper day?

Christmas Wrapped Up

Well I made it half way through Blog Every day in November. Not too bad I suppose. :/

I have been quite busy the last couple of weeks. Along with a group of other Christians I have been teaching 7 year olds about the first Christmas. Recent statistics have shown that as high as 70% of young children do not know that Jesus was born in Bethlehem! I find that extremely shocking. (If I could remember where the stats came from I will post a link) Christmas has become so commercialised that the reason behind it often gets forgotten.

These past 2 weeks we have seen over 20 year 2 school groups trying to lower the stats. The sessions we ran were fun and informative (we thought so anyway lol!) The kids got to dress up, they did 2 different crafts and I even had to do a bit of magic!!

Only 2 more school groups to go next week and we are done for this year. It has been tiring but on the up side I am feeling very Christmassy now 🙂 I have had to say goodbye to a good friend of mine though 😦 Bye Luc see you next year x


Rag Wreath

So it’s December and we are officially on the countdown to Christmas. We’ll skip over the fact that I’ve been counting down since….ooh well since about the summer!! Following on from my last post I am going to show you how to make this:

Rag wreath

I’m sure you’ve all guessed that it’s a rag wreath.

They are really easy to make they just takes time. And I think mine looks stunning. Yes I’m biased as I made it but I think it looks fab hanging on the back of our door. It is kind of a shame that we live on a main road and I can’t hang it on the front door but at least this way I get to see it all the time. Here’s how to make your own.

*Please note that the pictures showing how to make it were taken after this one was finished so the pictures show different fabrics. Hope you don’t mind my disorganisation.*

First off you’ll need a circle.

Wire circle

I bought this one but you can easily make one out of a wire coat hanger or similar.

Chose your fabric (this may be the hardest part) and cut out your strips. Hubby worked out that I needed just over 450 strips of this size to fill the wreath and that’s a LOT of cutting out.

Fabric strips

Once you have all your strips cut out, start tying them to the circle in whatever pattern you want. I put all my strips in a bowl and pulled them out randomly but it’s up to you.

Tied to circle

Keep going til you fill the circle. Hint: the more strips you tie the fuller the wreath looks so keep squashing them up and adding a few more when you get to the end of a section.

Once complete tie a ribbon to the top and make a loop big enough to hang the wreath. Hang your wreath and stand back to admire it.

Rag wreath

Simple when you know how isn’t it?