Caerphilly Castle

Living in Wales definitely has its advantages. There are so many places to visit and things to see. Caerphilly Castle is just one of many castles we have and it’s the 2nd largest castle in Britain.

The kids and I popped in to see the dragons and spent a good part of the day wandering around the castle grounds and picnicking on the grass inside the castle walls. 

The kids loved climbing the spiral staircases to the top of the castle and looking out the arrow holes (I’m sure they have technical names!)

Inside the castle there were many sculptures and objects to look at. The kids particularly liked this head sculpture. 

The castle has elaborate water defences which make up a very picturesque moat. 


We are pretty lucky having a huge castle like this practically on our doorstep. 

Recently we had visitors of the dragon kind who took up residence in the castle. 

Dewi has been to the castle before (march 2016)

but this time he brought his girlfriend Dwynwen 

and they later had babies. 

We were lucky enough to visit the eggs in the nest but unfortunately missed seeing the actual dragon babies before they left for other castles. I am hoping they will make a return so that we can see them. 

The kids and I had a fab time wandering around the castle which was extremely busy, possibly due to the presence of the dragons. 

Have you seen them on their travels?

Fireworks at the Castle

What a busy weekend we have had here. First off we had a Hallelujah Party on Friday night as an alternative to trick or treating then Saturday night saw the annual fireworks display at Caerphilly Castle .

I had planned on taking the kids to the castle on Saturday afternoon but when @caerphilly_cadw tweeted me about the fireworks display, we changed our plans.

The display has been held for as long as I can remember and is funded by the town council if I remember rightly. It’s completely free although there are charity collection buckets at various points around the town during the evening. Although I used to go almost every year as a child, we haven’t been since the year D was born (I was hoping the fireworks would encourage him out-sadly not!)

We parked up just outside the town centre and walked the rest of the way in. We found a spot on the grass around the castle and spread out our picnic blanket to sit on. As I said before, we have been going for years so know how cold it gets standing around. Along with the picnic blanket to sit on, I had also packed another blanket to go over the kiddies, a hot water bottle, hand warmers and some snacks! We were all snuggled up warm with hats, gloves and scarves too. The rain stayed off until the very end which was nice and the display was fantastic! I did take some photos but they leave a lot to be desired as you can see below

Haha! Oh well. I did get a few that did actually resemble fireworks


And this one is my favourite one as you can see the castle. Just!

Although it is very much the best of a bad job! I think I’ll stick to just watching them next year.

Did you go to any firework displays? Did you go to the one at Caerphilly Castle?

Once upon a time

Yesterday we had planned a family bike ride but the torrential rain soon put a stop to that so we needed to find another activity as little lady was a bit upset that we couldn’t go out. Whenever we drive home from Cardiff we get a glimpse of what looks like a magical castle hidden in the trees.

Picture from here

Little lady thinks it looks like a princess castle and to be fair I agree with her. She has always said she would love to go and to my shame its been 20years (maybe more) since the last time I went. Why do we ignore the treasures on our doorstep?

The change of plan saw us eat our lunch on the front room floor as an indoor picnic before setting off to Castell Coch (the red castle).

We had to run from the car up the drawbridge as it was bucketing down but once inside little lady was mesmerised. She loved climbing all the way up the 2 towers


The rooms were so ornate


Look at this wardrobe in Lady Bute’s bedroom

And the fireplaces were huge

Little lady had a fantastic time exploring all the rooms and baby D loved showing off his stair climbing ability on any of the numerous staircases. Even hubby was impressed so I think that makes it a very successful day out.

What have you been up to over the holidays?