Easter Half Term

The kids have had two weeks off school to celebrate Easter and we’ve done a fair bit. The weather has been pretty kind and it’s coincided with both my birthday and a friend’s wedding. 

We’ve been out and about, we’ve celebrated Easter, my birthday, and a wedding. We’ve baked (those ice creams are really cake!) and I’ve done a bit of sewing.

We even went to the seaside for a couple of nights. 

How was your Easter holidays?

Made It Monday #12

This is a make I’ve been meaning to show you all for about a month. It was my sister’s birthday cake. If you remember I made her birthday cake last year. This year was a pretty low key affair even though she was celebrating the big 3-0 as we had been out a couple of times celebrating prior to her actual birthday.

The cake was a simple sponge cake with chocolate fingers around the outside and malteasers (her favourite) and smarties over the top. The cake took more than 2boxes of chocolate fingers which I was pretty gobsmacked about and bags of malteasers don’t stretch very far these days either!!!

Grumbling aside. Here is the cake

Short but sweet today. I do hope to get back into the swing of things soon.

Barbie cakes and JCB’s

Well happy birthday to me! Another birthday and another year older. I am in a much more positive headspace than this time last year. I am still the same weight but, thanks to my running, I am now fitter. The weight will come off eventually. We have been decluttering quite a bit and the house is starting to look like we are getting somewhere 😀

So today I am going to list a few things I am thankful for today.

My birthday cake. Chosen and mostly made by little lady. (Hubby decorated it and supervised)

This JCB parked up the road from our house that made D go “wow!”

The face mask made by little lady that made me smell so so chocolatey.

And rolling the mat back to play trains with D.

I am feeling very blessed this year and I am very grateful for that.

Even if hubby has just walked through the door after coming home from work ill, not even an hour after I had to pick little lady up from school, following an accident with a hula hoop! (Don’t ask!)