Handmade parties

We are fast approaching the busiest time of year for parties in the lifetimeofdiy household. Here in Wales (not sure if it’s the same elsewhere?) the children who will be he oldest in the school year start school part time at 3. In little lady’s case it was those with birthdays between September and December. There were 10 that started and these 10 have become very close friends. As you can imagine little lady gets a number of party invites during this time. Plus we have 4 family birthdays before Christmas. It could be very expensive but we try to be sensible and limit our spending. Within the family a handmade card is the best present ever. We love all things handmade and would rather a homemade cake with fingerprints in the icing (baby D I am looking at you!) than a shop bought one.

The first birthday is my sister’s. Little lady calls her Anti. She has never added her name to the end like with the other aunties. She is just Anti. As a side note my brother is called Uncle 🙂 he doesn’t have a name attached to the end either 😉

So Anti’s birthday. Little lady and I made a cake. A pink cake.

We also made jelly that not only refused to come out of the mould but when it eventually did, it sagged and looked a bit pathetic 😦

And let’s not forget the handmade card

Anti loved her tea party and little lady was happy it was over with as that means that the next family birthday is hers!! 😀


So today is my birthday. I have now creeped into my 30’s. Last year didn’t count as then I was “just 30”. Today at 31 I am officially “in” my thirties! That’s my logic anyway.

Birthdays for me are a time of reflection. To look back at the past year and look forward to the year ahead. I must confess to having a little cry last night while reflecting. Turning 30 was emotionally difficult for me and in order to keep myself from hiding under the blankets for the next decade, I swore that I would make it worthwhile.

It started out well. I organised a party for my 30th and told people that instead of presents I wanted donations to the local cancer hospital where my dad was treated many years ago. I not only had a fab night but I also raised over £100!

My 30th last year

My 30th last year

However, personally I feel like I have failed! A whole year gone and wasted.

At 10st 1lbs I am still overweight, financially things are still tight and I cannot for the life of me stick to a meal plan! By now I had hoped that we would have finally finished decluttering and the house would look decent enough to allow visitors to just pop in without me having serious embarrassment issues. I am both cross and disappointed in myself for letting a whole year slip away. Unnoticed, gone, never to be seen again. I honestly cannot tell you where this past year has gone and it upsets me.

Last weekend I found out that a friend’s husband had died. They are both the same age as me. Then another friend died (she was nearly 90 but still). So next week, a week after turning 31, I have 2 funerals to go to! I find that both incredibly sad and humbling. How do my issues even compare with burying your husband at 31?? Honestly? They don’t. End of.

So I have enrolled myself in the gym and have been twice this week with another session booked for tomorrow. I have prepaid for 10 sessions so that I know I will definitely go. I will be under 10stone by the end of the month. Financially, without taking a second job I am not sure how to fix that. We are looking at ways to cut down costs and free up a bit of cash while doing our bit for the planet and future generations. I have also kept up my charitable donations. Since my party last year, I have collected and donated unwanted items to orphans in Romania, donated food items to the local food bank, started knitting blankets for vulnerable older people and bought presents for children in care. So maybe this year hasn’t been that bad after all!

Before I leave you to reflect on your own year, I want to share with you the best present I had this morning.

What more could I want?