Day Zero Mark 2

Day Zero 2017

Start 1st January 2017
End 29th September 2019

In progress

1.Have £2500 savings
2.Finish dining room
3.Regularly run 5k under 30mins (at least 5 times)
4.Run 10k under 1hour (currently 1:04:35)
5.Run HM under 2:30
6.Run a marathon
7.Do a colour run with Seren
8.Race for Life
9.Attempt a 24hr race
10.Go indoor surfing
11.Be under 10stone
12.Go sailing with hubby
13.Visit 5 castles (0/5)
14.Visit Big Pit
15.Visit St Fagans
16.Make a snow angel (2/1/2017)
17.Take S&D to the Big Sheep
18.Pose for a photo with a welsh guard
19.Spend one whole day with Ang just the two of us
20.Afternoon tea with mam and Ang
21.Have an overnight trip with Seren just the 2 of us
22.Spend day with Dylan
23.Book a spa day for me and mam
24.Have a “home spa” with Seren
25.Make 10 wearable pieces of clothing (0/10)
26.Make 5 pieces of clothing for Seren (1/5)
*Ravenclaw Dress
27.Make 5 pieces of clothes for Dylan (1/5)
*Pokemon Shirt
28.Have a craft space/room
29.Play a full game of chess without giving up when I start losing!
30.Read a classic novel
31.Read 5 books from the top 100 books list (3/5)
*Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – JK Rowling
*1984 – George Orwell
*The Magic Faraway Tree – Enid Blyton
32.Watch a classic film
33.Donate 20 items to the local food bank (3/20)
34.Go to a comedy club
35.Run 1000km in a year
36.Make jam out of home grown produce
37.Start a messy church
38.Take S&D to the zoo
39.Paint kitchen
40.Write a will
41.Finish Christmas shopping before November
42.Gloss banisters
43.Write new list of 101 items to do
44.Bake a carrot cake
45.Make Pavlova
46.See the Northern Lights
47.Put a £1 in my pot for every item completed (£6/£101)
48.Make D curtains
49.Have a meal, made entirely from home grown produce
50.Learn to make Yorkshire puddings
51.Go a whole week wearing a different “made-by-me” outfit
52.Make a pancake tutu
53.Gloss downstairs internal doors (0/6)
54.Upcycle wedding dress
55.Declutter 100 craft items (0/100)
56.Read the whole Bible
57.Declutter 100 items (6/100)
58.Make Turkish Delight
59.Q/W to BTL
60.Learn to play one song on the guitar
61.Pave garden
62.Fix greenhouse
63.Re decorate our bedroom
64.Picture art wall in living room
65.Get a “Dylan” tattoo
66.Go to watch the Cardiff Devils
67.Walk Pen-y-Fan (2/1/2017)
68.Take the kids up Pen y Fan
69.Have a facial
70.Have a hot stone massage
71.Try reflexology
72.Have my nails done
73.Run 5 new parkruns (0/5)
74.Run all 23 Welsh parkruns (2/23)
*Cardiff (1/1/2017)
*Penallta (4/3/17)
75.Achieve my 50 parkrun tshirt (currently on 31)
76.Do something crazy!
77.Re do bathroom
78.Do a RAOK
79.See a musical
80.Go for a picnic
81.Have a BBQ
82.Book a family holiday
83.Go on an aeroplane
84.Revisit Disneyland Paris
85.Revisit Scotland
86.Go camping
87.Have 5 date nights (0/5)
88.Watch a film in the cinema (Trolls 11/2/17)
89.Successfully apply for funding to be renewed
90.Sell my bridal corset
91.Successfully CE mark my costumes
92.Give someone flowers for no reason (9/4/17)
93.Read the Harry Potter books
94.Watch the sun rise
95.Take youth on a church weekend away
96.Try amigurumi
97.Make my own cheese
98.Make my own soap
99.Crochet/Knit a pair of socks
100.Give up meat for Lent
101.Apply successfully for a stall at the Big Cheese