Gym? Who’s he?

Argh! I finally bit the bullet and joined a gym! My aim is to use my membership to build up some strength in my arms, legs and core and to use the treadmill when I can’t run outside. I’m hoping that the membership fee will pay for itself through improved fitness and running performance. I’m not necessarily concentrating on times but more on stamina and how I actually feel when I’m running. I tend to get tired easily and then get a poor posture when I run so a stronger core will help with that. 

I’ve been twice now since I joined end of last week and I’m starting to think I’m not cut out for the gym. 

I think I need to go on a diet too looking at this photo!! 

Yesterday I went with the intention of doing a quick 5k on the treadmill before I went to treat my mum and sister to afternoon tea. I put my running kit on and packed a change of clothes and shower stuff. 

I got on the only spare treadmill to find myself between two very fit runners! I sorted out the settings on my treadmill and set off. Less than 5 minutes later one of the fit guys is speeding up to the same pace as me and the other one is speeding up to be faster than me! About 3.5k in I was knackered but there was no way I could slow it down as I was wearing my running club vest and I didn’t want to shame the club 😂 so I kept going! I did 5k but it was hard work. I kept worrying about what would happen if I fell of the end! Next time I’ll wear a normal top so if I can’t keep up the pace it doesn’t matter 😂 On the upside I did manage my fastest 5k since I got my sub 30 last year. 

Happy with that I get in the shower to wash and change for afternoon tea. I get out and dry only to realise I’ve forgotten all my underwear!! No Knicks, bra or socks!! 😱 I had left them all in a pile on my bed at home. Thankfully I had fur lined boots with me so the socks thing didn’t matter as much but I drove home so carefully praying I didn’t have an accident and therefore revealing my underwear-less position to the emergency services! 

Maybe I’m not cut out for the gym!!!

Sub 30

In 2 weeks time I will be running in my local 10k race and I have high expectations for it. Lately, as you know I have been feeling down with my times and it took a look back at last year’s posts to see how far I have actually come. I run once a week with a friend and it’s always a pretty slow one as we spend the whole time gossiping, whinging and putting the world to right! She has recently found a lot of speed in her running and smashed the sub1hr 10k she was looking for back in March. I was complaining to her about my lack of speed and she told me how she had only found her speed since she dropped a stone in weight. It really made me think as I know I have put on weight recently and after weighing myself I was really shocked by the fact I had put on a stone!

I haven’t joined any fat clubs or started any faddy diets but by using an app on my phone to track every thing I eat I have already lost 5lbs in a month. 🙂 It hasn’t been easy as I do like to snack on biscuits when I am at home with D but it also hasn’t been that hard either if you see what I mean? Basically I’ve just tried to make better choices at mealtimes and lower the amount of snacking I do.

Alongside this I have tried to up my running. Between Hubby who works shifts, Little Lady and all her activities, work meetings and various life stuff, I don’t run as much a I would like to. Hubby has been really supportive and has offered to look after the kids while I go out for a run if he is home early. I know that may sound a bit funny but I do feel guilty if I run out of the door the second he gets home so I don’t always go unless he suggests it.

I’ve been doing a lot of speed endurance sessions, run by my running club and I have been improving. Not always time wise but the coach has told me that I run stronger and regulate my breathing a lot better now than I used to. So that’s good too.

At these sessions I’ve been running 5k at 31-32 mins on a hilly course. I have been working hard as my goal for the Caerphilly 10k is to get below 1:10mins. I’ve been so close before (1:10:23) but I can’t get under it!

I then heard read on twitter that Cardiff parkrun was putting on a pacer day and I was really tempted to go. They were pacing even numbers and as I have been getting low 30’s on a hilly course I decided to just go for it and see if I could get a sub 30 on a flat course. Hubby and I juggled arrangements for Little Lady’s swimming lesson so that I could take the car and off I went.

Once there I found the sub 30 pacer and stalked her until the start. I was so geared up for this. I was determined not to give up. The gun started us off and it all went wrong. There were over 700 people trying to run down a narrow path, people were weaving in and out and stopping dead in front of other people. The pacer had to keep the pace so she weaved in and out of people to keep her time. Unfortunately that made it hard for the group to keep up with her as there were so many people and it was so narrow. I had lost her before the 1km marker! I was gutted. I had decided beforehand that if I could keep up with her most of the way around and I struggled near the end and had to drop back then I would accept that as I would have tried my best. But to lose her so early on, and through no fault of my own? Gutting!

We passed the 1km marker and my runkeeper app reported a split time of 5.02min/km! I could have fallen over! For perspective a fast run for me is low 6min/km. I don’t think I have ever had a split that started with a 5 never mind a very low 5!! I decided to keep going as fast as I could just to see what would happen. The second km split was a bit slower but was still a low 5 (5.21min/km) I couldn’t believe it. I was wearing both a long sleeved top and a vest and the sun had decided to make an appearance at this point so I had to stop to take off the long sleeved top. I was boiling! This stop meant that the 3rd km was my slowest at 6.18min/km (usually a fast time for me).

I gave it my all and I honestly don’t think I could have given it anymore. I could barely pick up the pace for a sprint finish and I stood squashed up in the finisher funnel wondering how I was going to be sick without getting it on anyone! Thankfully I wasn’t sick but my legs were like jelly walking back to the car. I had to sit in the car park for awhile before I felt safe enough to drive home!

But it was all worth it. My time? 29.26 😀 Oh yeah! A sub 30 woohoo!! I know I couldn’t keep up that pace for 10k but my sub 70mins is edging closer. Let’s hope I’ve got the pace in a fortnight’s time.


BEDN #6 National Stress Awareness Day

Well what an apt start to National Stress Awareness day! Baby D didn’t sleep much last night which meant neither did I. He was grumpy due to being tired, he has a cold and a cough so is also feeling sorry for himself. Little lady was on a go-slow this morning and to top it off I had a lot to do today so wanted to be out of the door in time to get back from the school run to sort everything out before I had to go out again.

As it happened baby D cried at everything, little lady kept telling me that her brother was crying (as if I didn’t know), we ran out of butter for sandwiches and I couldn’t find any money for fruit!

By the time we stepped out of the door we were late for school so I had to take the car, I bundled a still crying toddler into the car to a repeat chorus of “mam, he’s still crying!” We got to school and to avoid setting baby D off crying again I decided not to get him out of the car. This meant letting little lady go into school by herself. Now I know this sounds stupid but I like to take her to the door, or at least to within 10feet of the door so I know she has gone in okay. Today in an already stressed state in a choice between a crying baby or letting a 6year old go to school by herself (that’s how it felt to me) I had to let little lady walk across the yard and around the corner by herself. This may not sound much but to me it was HUGE!! I felt like crying!

This morning I dealt with the stress by putting it to the back of my mind as I had so much to do I didn’t have time to sit in the car and cry! This isn’t usually how I deal with stress, however, usually I tend to deal with stress by eating, crying and/or telling myself how rubbish I am at everything. Beating myself up mentally and listing all my shortcomings are definitely the main ways I react to stress. It also has something to do with the extra stone I’m carrying around my middle. Hubby tells me that I shouldn’t worry as much but I can’t help it. Even when everything is fine I still find myself worrying that something will happen or go wrong.

Am I the only one who does this or does anyone else worry constantly?

BEDN #3 – Light

It’s only day 3 and I’m already struggling with what to write about. Surely that’s not a good sign?

I toyed with a lot of different things I could try to tie in with the light theme. Hubby and I made our own lampshade for a vintage lamp stand we were given but to be honest it’s not stiff enough so it sags slightly in the centre and until I sort it out properly it doesn’t look quite right. I thought about maybe mentioning how I’ve been trying really hard on my diet this week and after weighing this morning I am 2lbs lighter geddit?? But that just sounds a bit lame.

I know that no one expects a long and detailed post every day but I kind of set myself up for that when I signed up for BEDN. I think having this block so early on may have actually been good for me to realise that if I am going to do this challenge then I need to be realistic. The aim is to get into the habit of posting more often than I do now (which isn’t really that often. I started looking through my photos hoping that one of them would spark something and it did! Yay!

I found this lovely photo I took while out running a couple of months ago. I was running up this quiet stretch of road and when I turned the corner and the trees parted I was faced with the most gorgeous evening sky I have ever seen. I actually stopped and took a picture it was that amazing. Ladies and gents I leave you with “Fading light”


Balancing the scales

I’m in a bit of a panic today. Hubby has challenged me to a competition. A weight loss competition. I have been trying for months to get under the next stone but nothing seems to work. I lose 2lbs one week and put it on again the following week. I even joined a gym 2 months ago (special offer) in an effort to lose half a stone. I must admit I do feel that my tummy area has a smaller wobble than it did before I joined, but the scales are not showing any progress at all. Now before you all start I know muscle weighs heavier than fat but trust me that is NOT what is going on here 😦 there is no way I have developed 4lbs worth of muscle already.


Hubby too has decided he needs to lose a bit of weight after starting to cycle to work to save on train fare. And that’s fine by me. Then this happened:

Me: “We could both do with losing a bit of weight”
Hubby: “We could do it together”
Me: “Good idea. We could encourage each other which will keep us both on the straight and narrow” although what I was actually thinking was “I’m going to have to make more of an effort now or he’ll lose more than me!” Competitive? Moi?? 😉
Obviously thinking the same, hubby says “okay, that’s decided then- first one to lose a stone is the winner!”

I could hear myself agreeing before I could stop myself.

And that’s how I am sat here having just signed myself up for the Race for Life in a month (what on earth was I thinking?) and about to finish off the trifle that is in the fridge – well it has to go before my diet starts tomorrow! Can you tell? 😉

Wish me luck!