Day Zero List Roundup

New Year’s Eve 2016 saw the end of my very 1st Day Zero List. I have to admit I struggled writing my list as I felt that I had to write really exciting and “big” things on there, much like a bucket list. I didn’t make the full 101 items but actually I’ve realised that the items don’t all need to be BIG THINGS.

I’ve enjoyed crossing things off my list and am really excited about starting my new one. I think with a little more effort I could cross off the majority of the items. But I’m not here to talk about the next one.

How did I get on with my first list?

On my list – 92
Completed – 52 (56.5%)
In progress – 5

7. Run 10k under 1hour (currently 1:04:32) I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t break the hour for this but it’s been moved onto my new list and I WILL do it

9. Get my funding renewed My job is safe for the next 3 years thankfully

11. Be under 10stone Let’s skip over this one shall we? 😉

17. Make a snow angel We haven’t had snow since I started my list 😦

24. Visit London Little Lady and I had a fanatstic time. Click on the link to read about it

29. Make 10 items of clothing (4/10) Failed miserably
*Superhero dress (17/5/14)
*Tortoise dress (23/8/14)
*White t-shirt
*Blue Ruby dress (4/9/15)

41. Run 500km in a year (2016) First time I have ever completed this since I started running

55. Give someone flowers for no reason (27/4/14) This one kind of fell into my lap.

63. Make D a memory book Little Lady has had one for years (probably needs a new one now) and I have always felt guilty that D didn’t have one

73. Crochet a rainbow blanket (finished 15/5/15) This blanket is so well used. We all love it

75. Potty train D (September 2014) A major milestone 🙂

85. Upcycle wedding dress I finally have plans for my dress yay!

88. Climb Pen-Y-Fan I had such fun doing this

90. Run 5 different parkruns (5/5) parkrun tourism is great. I would recommend it to every one who parkruns
*Cardiff (home)
*Porthcawl (4/4/15)
*Penallta (10/10/15)
*Pontypridd (2/1/16)
*Newport (16/1/16)
*Barry Island
*Parc Bryn Bach

91.Declutter another 100 items (45/100) We are ever so slowly getting there

So there’s a brief run down of my Day Zero List results. Some of the items have corresponding blog posts so please check out the list and click on the item to read about it.

My new list started on the 1st January 2017 and will be up on it’s own tab above soon.

Do you have a Day Zero List? What’s on yours?

4 thoughts on “Day Zero List Roundup

  1. You know what? The fact that you wrote a list and crossed many items off of it is still an achievement. Sometimes I can’t even make a list because I’m not feeling it and then nothing gets done. Good for you for persevering.

  2. I don’t mean to be a Negative Nellie but I can’t believe you didn’t make ten items of clothing! You always seem to be sewing! Well done on what you did achieve though, I haven’t looked back at mine yet… :\

    • I’m always sewing for other people lol! I made over 20 dresses in one batch, 35 tops in another batch. I just don’t get chance to sew for me. It’s very pitiful how little of my wardrobe is handmade. Must resolve that this year. Let me know when you review yours x

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