Disneyland Take 2

Two years ago we took the kids to Disneyland Paris. You can read about our trip here. Almost as soon as we were on our way home the kids decided that they wanted to go again. As much as I was pleased that they had obviously enjoyed themselves, it had taken a year of me working 2 jobs to pay for it! So we started a saving pot. The kids did their part by putting in any money they found on the floor (D loves finding money on the floor!) and hubby and I added money as and when we had any spare. We also set up a savings account through our online banking as unfortunately money found on the floor (or “road-kill” as it is sometimes known) wasn’t going to pay for the trip. 

We booked to go away in January again even though we knew it was going to be cold. We ended up going a week earlier than the equivalent time two years ago and it made a big difference. There were a lot of French families there which made me assume that maybe the French schools hadn’t quite gone back to school yet. This made a difference to queuing times. Last time we basically walked onto all the rides with little or no queuing. This time we were queuing from 10-60minutes depending on the ride. I know that in the grand scheme of queue times it isn’t much but when temperatures are close to freezing then it makes a lot of difference. 

We flew this time instead of taking the ferry and I was really surprised by how easy this was. We had transfers to the hotel and it really was very straightforward. Although be warned it takes longer than you think to get through the airport on the way home. By chance we caught an earlier transfer bus to the airport (3hours before our flight) and only made it to the gate 30minutes before the plane was about to leave. 

We stayed at the hotel Chayenne this time and to be honest I didn’t find it as good as the Santa Fe where we stayed last time. This one was a Wild West theme and although D thought it was great I wasn’t particularly impressed. 

Our room had two double beds and they were so uncomfortable I hardly slept. I was so tired by the end of the week I could have cried. This really took the enjoyment out of the holiday for me. I really was pleased to get home to sleep in my own bed. Little Lady was also really looking forward to sleeping in bunk beds again but was obviously disappointed. 

Again we saved money by taking our own food into the park for lunch and we planned tea time carefully making sure that we didn’t overspend our budget. We did have treats though including the most delicious waffle I’ve ever had and a doughnut the size of Little Lady’s head! There’s not much point to scrimping so much that you take the fun out of the holiday. 

The kids have already asked if we can go again and they are very keen to start another savings pot asap. D has asked if we can go to Legoland first and then Disneyland next year. I’m pretty sure we can find some deals for Legoland to go this summer but it may be another two years before we can afford Disneyland again. A friend suggested September as the queues are still short but it’s warmer. It would be nice to go when it’s not as cold. Pictures where I don’t look like a Michelin man would be good too. You can see how cold it is by the icicles in the picture below. This was in the afternoon too when the sun had been on them all day. 

Have you been to Disneyland Paris? When did you go? How did you find it?

Snow Angel

Number 17 on my original Day Zero List was to make a snow angel. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on my side and it didn’t snow for the whole 1001 days. I was gutted. I really thought we’d have at least a little bit of snow but nope! Nothing! 

On the 2nd January I was invited to walk Pen-y-Fan with the Run Wales ladies and guess what? It was snowing. A lot! 

Oh yeah. We walked up in the dark as the plan was to watch the sun rise. However visibility was so bad that we couldn’t even see the sun at the supposed time. 

But swings and roundabouts and all that. The snow was so thick I got to try a snow angel. I say “try” as it was so thick and compacted that my whole body weight barely made a dent in it so you can hardly see the angel 😦 

But the pictures do show that I had a good go at it. 

I did transfer “make a snow angel” to my new list (number 16) so I can cross that off now. Hurray! I can also cross off number 67 “Walk Pen-y-Fan” 

Two done on the second day. I doubt I’ll keep that momentum up though lol! 

Do you have snow where you are normally? 

Day Zero List Roundup

New Year’s Eve 2016 saw the end of my very 1st Day Zero List. I have to admit I struggled writing my list as I felt that I had to write really exciting and “big” things on there, much like a bucket list. I didn’t make the full 101 items but actually I’ve realised that the items don’t all need to be BIG THINGS.

I’ve enjoyed crossing things off my list and am really excited about starting my new one. I think with a little more effort I could cross off the majority of the items. But I’m not here to talk about the next one.

How did I get on with my first list?

On my list – 92
Completed – 52 (56.5%)
In progress – 5

7. Run 10k under 1hour (currently 1:04:32) I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t break the hour for this but it’s been moved onto my new list and I WILL do it

9. Get my funding renewed My job is safe for the next 3 years thankfully

11. Be under 10stone Let’s skip over this one shall we? 😉

17. Make a snow angel We haven’t had snow since I started my list 😦

24. Visit London Little Lady and I had a fanatstic time. Click on the link to read about it

29. Make 10 items of clothing (4/10) Failed miserably
*Superhero dress (17/5/14)
*Tortoise dress (23/8/14)
*White t-shirt
*Blue Ruby dress (4/9/15)

41. Run 500km in a year (2016) First time I have ever completed this since I started running

55. Give someone flowers for no reason (27/4/14) This one kind of fell into my lap.

63. Make D a memory book Little Lady has had one for years (probably needs a new one now) and I have always felt guilty that D didn’t have one

73. Crochet a rainbow blanket (finished 15/5/15) This blanket is so well used. We all love it

75. Potty train D (September 2014) A major milestone 🙂

85. Upcycle wedding dress I finally have plans for my dress yay!

88. Climb Pen-Y-Fan I had such fun doing this

90. Run 5 different parkruns (5/5) parkrun tourism is great. I would recommend it to every one who parkruns
*Cardiff (home)
*Porthcawl (4/4/15)
*Penallta (10/10/15)
*Pontypridd (2/1/16)
*Newport (16/1/16)
*Barry Island
*Parc Bryn Bach

91.Declutter another 100 items (45/100) We are ever so slowly getting there

So there’s a brief run down of my Day Zero List results. Some of the items have corresponding blog posts so please check out the list and click on the item to read about it.

My new list started on the 1st January 2017 and will be up on it’s own tab above soon.

Do you have a Day Zero List? What’s on yours?

2016 Roundup

Wow! Can you believe it’s 2017 already? Little Lady will reach her double figures this year! Time really does fly as you get older. Last year has gone in a flash. I think I have achieved quite a bit in 2016.

I did quite a bit of running

We did quite a few things as a family

I made a number of things from fabric and wool

And food featured a lot in 2016 too

I love looking back at highlights of the year and can’t wait to start making “highlights” in 2017 too. 

What was the best bit of your 2016? Can you pick one?