Flying through the air

I’m so excited to tell you what I did yesterday. It was so brave and so unlike me it was incredible! I went on the Air Trail at Cardiff International White Water centre. It was amazing. 

*In order to provide transparency to this post I will tell you that Hubby works at the centre but in all the years he’s worked there I haven’t tried out any of the activities. Mainly because I am terrified of water but still. *

Little lady went on a different air trail on Saturday at a bushcraft event we organised for our local Christian youth. I was hoping to have a go too but D was a bit sad and tired so I ended up sitting in the car with him listening to the radio, eating mini eggs and generally being silly. 

As I missed out, hubby said he’d see if he could fit me in on the CIWW Air Trail and as a man of his word he did!   

Picture courtesy of Little Lady hence the dodgy angle showing my double chin 🙈

I was in a big group, none of which I knew and many of whom had never done it before either. So nerves were running pretty high. The strong winds didn’t help matters either. 

We were fitted with harnesses and helmets and given a safety briefing. Then we were attached to the wire and one by one were sent off down the course. 

The first obstacle is a cargo net to climb across to the first platform.  
It’s pretty high up there I can tell you!! Then comes your first real test of trust as you jump off the platform down the zip wire to the next platform!


All the water had been drained from the rafting course for cleaning so not the prettiest of views today. 

The course has 5 zip wires and other various obstacles to walk across high in the air. 

A (very) wobbly bridge  

Here I am just about to step out onto a balancing wire. I must admit I was absolutely terrified at this point. The wind seems so much stronger that high up. But once I had actually stepped out into the wire it was much easier. 

Everyone says that the zip wires are the best bit but I have to admit the harness had a tendency to cut into my lady bits!! Hubby just shrugged when I told him and said “that sometimes happens!” Thanks sweetie! I’m sure he’s more sympathetic to people who aren’t his wife lol!    

The Air Trail was a good experience. Not sure if I can use the word “enjoyed” to describe it as I was bricking myself the whole time and was very glad to see the end! But I would definitely consider doing it again. My nerves should be easier a second time don’t you think?

Have you ever done anything that pushed you out of your comfort zone?

9 thoughts on “Flying through the air

  1. Little lady did well with the pics. Have to say that looks amazing! I live 12 miles from Cardiff, worked there for 9 years, drunk, threw up and staggered back to various parties and did I know that was there!!!

    Great to see you pushing barriers and “enjoying” yourself. Being terrified can be exhilarating.

    What’s next ??

    As for me something which terrified me? Have to get back to you on that! I’m not sure I have ever done anything that really scares me or pushed my limits….. God how sad is that

    • “What’s next??” Well tonight I am running 4 miles through the woods in the dark with a group of fellow lunatics 😂
      I bet when you think about it, you will have done something that scared you x

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