IAAF World Championships

My third half marathon done and dusted. You can read more about my first and my second in their respective posts and you’ll find they are the same route. Although very different races for me personally. In the first I was relaxed and I enjoyed almost the whole run. The second? Well that was a nightmare from leaving the house! 

I swore I wouldn’t run the Cardiff half again after the disaster of HM #2 but was convinced to have another try by someone telling me I shouldn’t leave it on a downer. Which kind of made sense. I had a discount code for the IAAF World Championship Half Marathon which is basically the Cardiff Half with Mo Farah (other elite athletes also available 😉) so I signed up. 

I was really dreading it but one of the girls from my running club said she would run with me and that made me feel a bit better. Although as the day got closer I started to worry that I would spoil her race. 

The race started at 2pm (what a stupid time that is!!) so a group of us caught the train into Cardiff and set about meeting up with the rest of our club. We dropped our bags off and queued for a wee (very important lol!) then waited around for the call to the pens.   

Once in the pens the rain came! And it rained off and on the whole race. We had rain the size of marbles, hail and sideways winds of over 20mph!! Nightmare! There was a point that I actually couldn’t see as the rain was hitting me in the face with such force and my feet got so wet they are still covered in blisters a week later!

The barrage was the worst as its open to the weather on both sides.

 Some of the faster runners in my club bragged of tail winds at this point. Unfortunately for me it had changed direction by the time we crossed over it. 

The run itself was quite pleasant. I seemed more relaxed this year and I even stopped to have my picture taken with this guy. 

He is amazing. He carries a full sized cross with him. It extends well behind him on a little wheel as he runs. He was very gracious to pose for photos with me. 

Roath Park tried to kill me off for the 3rd year running and the hill on the way out was worse than ever. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at the comment on this mile marker half way up the hill!!

This hill defeats most of the runners! I don’t know whether it’s because it’s a pretty steep hill or whether it’s because you’ve just run 12miles before hand. Both probably!

At the top of this hill my running partner and I managed to find a second wind (we were nearly done!) and we picked up the pace. Strava was working in KM’s and the last km was our second fastest. We were on a mission! My legs were dead, I had pins and needles in my feet and I could see the blood coming out of my sock. We had to finish! 

The others had already de camped to a coffee shop as it was so cold and wet so we rang our order in as we crossed the line. Thank you Mrs C I owe you one (or is it two now??) We collected our medal, t shirt our bags and various other bits then made our way over to the coffee shop. I was soaked through. The plan was to strip the wet top off and change into the new one but I was wet right through so there was no point. We were given a poncho though so I wore that for warmth!  

Stunning isn’t it?? Hahahaha!!

It was horrible weather but overall I did enjoy the race. My time showed 1 minute slower than my best but 10minutes faster than my awful race last year. 

I’ve got another half booked for end of August and the Cardiff half booked again for October. I’m hoping to beat my PB in October so I’d best pull my finger out and keep up the training. Let’s hope I can keep it up. 


5 thoughts on “IAAF World Championships

  1. You did amazingly! With wind like we had it puts minutes in your time. I honestly believe I used up so much energy battling against the wind in the barrage that it sapped all strength out of me.

    October will be an amazing run! Start the King runs now and keep them going. Don’t ease off, think each run is closer to a 2:20 😉 I know you can do it !!!

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