Afternoon Tea

As I mentioned in my last post I treated my mum and my sister to afternoon tea last Monday. After the massive fuss I had trying to book it I really wasn’t looking forward to going but the others were so I had to suck it up. 

After my mishap at the gym, I had to call back home to redress myself before calling at my mum’s where they were waiting for me. 

My mum decided that she would prefer not to drive so gave me the keys to her car. My sister A and I then spent the 10 minute journey ignoring mam’s attempts at backseat driving! I did concede and parked in the street she asked me to which ironically turned out to be the wrong one 😂 meaning we had a longer walk to the cafe. 

We arrived to find our table reserved for us with a tablecloth and place settings which none of the other tables had. They were extremely busy at that time with the lunch time rush and the poor waitress worked her butt off clearing tables and serving food/drinks. We ordered our drinks, which came and I was amazed at the size of my teapot.   

The photo just doesn’t do it justice. 

Then the food came. Oh my word!  

It filled the table! 

8 (I think) different types of sandwiches, 3 scones, 4 pieces of chocolate chip shortbread triangles, a bowl of salad, a bowl of crisps, a sundae glass each of jam and clotted cream for the scones, 3 cupcakes and 4 pieces of cake!

There was so much food that we brought quite a lot of it home.

 There was also a smaller box with some sandwiches and the shortbread in it. Needless to say hubby and the kids were very pleased to see me when I got home 😂

Despite all the fuss I had trying to book it, the three of us had a lovely time and the food was fantastic. I would definitely go again. 

Have you ever had afternoon tea? What was it like?

Gym? Who’s he?

Argh! I finally bit the bullet and joined a gym! My aim is to use my membership to build up some strength in my arms, legs and core and to use the treadmill when I can’t run outside. I’m hoping that the membership fee will pay for itself through improved fitness and running performance. I’m not necessarily concentrating on times but more on stamina and how I actually feel when I’m running. I tend to get tired easily and then get a poor posture when I run so a stronger core will help with that. 

I’ve been twice now since I joined end of last week and I’m starting to think I’m not cut out for the gym. 

I think I need to go on a diet too looking at this photo!! 

Yesterday I went with the intention of doing a quick 5k on the treadmill before I went to treat my mum and sister to afternoon tea. I put my running kit on and packed a change of clothes and shower stuff. 

I got on the only spare treadmill to find myself between two very fit runners! I sorted out the settings on my treadmill and set off. Less than 5 minutes later one of the fit guys is speeding up to the same pace as me and the other one is speeding up to be faster than me! About 3.5k in I was knackered but there was no way I could slow it down as I was wearing my running club vest and I didn’t want to shame the club 😂 so I kept going! I did 5k but it was hard work. I kept worrying about what would happen if I fell of the end! Next time I’ll wear a normal top so if I can’t keep up the pace it doesn’t matter 😂 On the upside I did manage my fastest 5k since I got my sub 30 last year. 

Happy with that I get in the shower to wash and change for afternoon tea. I get out and dry only to realise I’ve forgotten all my underwear!! No Knicks, bra or socks!! 😱 I had left them all in a pile on my bed at home. Thankfully I had fur lined boots with me so the socks thing didn’t matter as much but I drove home so carefully praying I didn’t have an accident and therefore revealing my underwear-less position to the emergency services! 

Maybe I’m not cut out for the gym!!!