A tale of 5 parkruns

Number 90 on my Day Zero List is to Run 5 Different parkruns. My home parkrun is classed as Cardiff although a closer one has started since I joined up. To be fair, for the amount of time I’ve been signed up, I haven’t actually participated that many times. This is mainly due to the fact that Little Lady has always had swimming lessons on a Saturday morning which has clashed with parkrun. She’s now finished her lessons as the next step is competition which she isn’t interested in. 

This has opened up a lot more time for parkrunning so I’ve been trying to go more often. 

So which parkruns did I run?

1. Cardiff 

Cardiff is an out and back route and is very flat. It was here I got my one and only sub 30 5k  and the one that I am most familiar with.  

2. Porthcawl

Back last Easter we were lucky enough to be offered a caravan near the sea less than an hour away. I packed my running stuff in the hope of running along the shore line. Then Friday night I realised that there was a parkrun in Porthcawl. A few tweets later and I found out where the start line was. I decided to go for it. It was a lot different to Cardiff as it was so open to the elements but it was lovely running along the cliffs near the sea. 

3. Penallta (Caerphilly)

parkrun number 3 was the newly started Penallta parkrun. This one was the hardest one as it is quite hilly and has a lot of doubling back which I’m not keen on. However it runs through a country park and has gorgeous views. The cows and the ducks watch as the group runs past as do the fishermen on the lake. Little Lady and I ran this one to celebrate her birthday. I printed out race numbers and the volunteers were kind enough to agree to present her with a medal I had provided so that it could be like a proper race for her.   

4. Pontypridd 

That was pretty much it then as I don’t really like the stress of driving somewhere I don’t really know. Especially if there’s a deadline for getting there. New Year’s Day I went to Cardiff parkrun with a friend. She usually goes to Pontypridd parkrun but this was an extra one for New Year’s Day. She managed to persuade me to go to Pontypridd the next day. 

Little Lady came to run with me and it was absolutely bucketing down with rain. We spent 2 laps dodging massive puddles and the last lap we just decided to run right through them. We were already wet by then anyway and Little Lady absolutely loved splashing through the puddles! A few of my running club were also there and fair play to them they waiting to cheer us over the finish line. Little Lady thought it was brilliant.   

5. Newport

Which left one more for me to visit. The opportunity for some parkrun tourism came about thanks to the weather. Last weekend was so icy that most of our local parkruns cancelled. Newport however, is all trail so the icy conditions didn’t affect the course. 

Saturday morning was so cold as we set off

And I made sure I wore my woolly socks.   

The course itself was lovely and we ran loops around this rather lovely lake.   

Completing Newport gave me my 5parkruns and I get to cross off an item on my Day Zero List. 

Since then however I have heard of a few more within an hour’s drive. Can I make 10 different parkruns before the year is out? 

Roald Dahl and McDonalds*

To be fair, I’m not a fan of McDonalds and so when I got the email through asking if I wanted to take part in this promotion I was all set to say “thanks, but no thanks”. Until that is I saw they were launching a literacy campaign using books by the author Roald Dahl. 

I loved Roald Dahl when I was a child and we are currently working our way through his collection with Little Lady who has really taken to his books. So I said yes. 

Hubby and I caught the train into Cardiff with the kids which they loved and had a cuppa in a coffee shop as we were a bit early. We then made our way up to the McDonalds on Queen Street and were shown upstairs by a member of staff. We were given a warm welcome and our lunch orders taken. There were other bloggers I recognised there and we chatted while we waited for the event to start. We were asked to sign consent forms to allow them to use photos of the kids (as long as they were over 5) for promotional reasons. Little Lady was so excited and loved having her photo taken with the cast after the show. 

The show itself was fab. It told of a grandfather reading the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to his granddaughter.   

The story was full of actions and very colourful     The cast stuck around afterwards too for photos and both Little Lady and D were mesmerised by them.    

Each child was given a goodie bag which included the full set of books given away during the promotion, a Mr Twit beard and a Fantastic Mr Fox mask  

D also had a balloon which is always a winner!

The kids had a fabulous time and I was so glad I decided to say yes. 

*My family and I had a meal and all the items in goodie bag for free. Opinions, however are all my own.