Getting away

After the hectic fun that was the Holiday Club, hubby and I needed a bit of time to relax. Relaxing at home isn’t really the same as you can still see all the housework, all the jobs that need doing. We are lucky that we have some lovely friends who own a caravan by the sea less than an hour away, and they let us have a couple of days away. The kids love being by the beach, hubby loves the sea and me? Well I enjoy the quietness you get being by the sea. I packed some wool and my crochet hooks and was really looking forward to some down time.

I wasn’t disappointed. The weather was warm, dry, sunny. The sea was cold, wet and pretty calm.

Sea on the rocks

We spent time on the beach, we played in the park, we even had a ride on a double decker bus! The kids had a whale of a time!!

Crazy golf bridge

The kids played cars, built sandcastles, ran around and generally had a fun and exhausting time.

Caravans with view of the sea

It was so warm I even braved a paddle in the sea. Normally me and water do not mix but I decided I would go for a paddle and I could cross another item off my Day Zero Listmum and kids paddling in the sea

Not the most flattering pic of my behind but the best of a bad bunch lol!

Have you been on holiday this year? Where did you go?

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