Caerphilly 10k

The Caerphilly 10k is in it’s third year this year and this was the first year I had entered. Ridiculous really as it’s right on my doorstep! Anyway this year was an important year for my running club as we have just been affiliated with Welsh Athletics and being a home race we were expecting a sea of blue. 

The club was not disappointed. After the race we couldn’t fit everyone on the stage for a club photo! 
The morning itself was overcast. I debated whether or not to wear a top under my vest as it wasn’t very warm. Thankfully I decided against that as by the time we had started the sun had come out and it was boiling! Sun burn was definitely a worry. 

In the run up to this race I kept saying I wanted a sub 70mins. I had told everyone in my running club my desired time and I was determined to do it. I had recently broken sub 30 5k and I knew I could break the 70minute mark for 10k. On paper it should have been easy for me to beat it. I regularly run 5k in 32-33mins. Double it and add a bit extra on and it still comes under 70mins. But I just couldn’t do it when I run 10k. I’d end up having to stop or I’d convince myself I was no where near and slow down. Every time I sabotaged myself. 😦

I was determined this wasn’t going to happen this time. I worked out the pace I needed which is pretty easy to work out really. I just needed to keep each km under 7mins. Maths isn’t my strong point but I do know my 7times table well enough to be able to work out each km as I’m running. 

I set off at the gun and ran the first km a bit quick really. The first part is uphill and I wanted to get that out of the way as quick as possible. Trouble was I’d gone too fast. I almost blew it before I’d started. I gave myself a good talking to and slowed down a bit. I told myself to go at my own pace and not worry what everyone else was doing. 

I met up with two other runners from my club and ran with them for a while before they went off in front. Normally that would have finished me off but I kept telling myself it didn’t matter. I continued to run at my own pace and it really paid off in that I actually got a half decent action photo kindly taken by a member of the running club. Thanks Rich x  

My hair is doing a mad thing and I look thick around the waist but I actually really like this shot. I look exactly how I felt at that point. Strong, happy and able. 😀

The council had advertised water stations at 4km and 8km so I didn’t take any water with me! Big mistake. Due to a council mess up there wasn’t any water at 4km or again at 8km. Massive fail. Thankfully the course double backs on itself at the 8km mark and the water station is at the turn around point. As I was running up the hill I spotted 3 ladies from the club running down the hill. They practically forced a bottle of water in my hand. Not knowing there was no water I almost didn’t take it but it was so hot I decided to take it anyway. As I got to the turn around point and saw the empty table I realised why they were so keen for me to take the bottle. I was so grateful to them at that point. Running down the hill I kept an eye out for another blue shirt and passed the bottle on to another club member. At that point who cares about germs! Lol! So many people who had been lucky enough to get water were passing them on to other runners. Good job we are all a friendly bunch! 😉

I started to lose it towards the end and had to walk. Another talking to though and I picked the pace back up. As I turned the last corner I saw one of our club coaches standing there. I knew he would have finished already (he does 10k in approx 35mins!) He was stood there looking for me! He ran the last part with me, forcing me to pick up the pace. The picture of me at that point is not as flattering as the first one!!

So….time? Did I get my sub 70? 

I did 😀  

I treated myself to an ice cream that I didn’t have to share with the kids! Bonus!

 Apart from the water mess up, which to be fair is inexcusable as they know how many people have signed up, I really enjoyed this race. The medal was pretty cool too. One of the nicest I’ve had and I got my sub 70. So a good day all round.  

Sub 65 next lol!  

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