Rainbow Ripple

This post has been a long time coming.  But after months and months of rippling my Rainbow Blanket is finally finished 😀 

One of my favourite crochet blogs is attic24 If you haven’t read it I do recommend you pop over, Lucy is so talented with a hook and yarn. It was there I first came across a ripple and got it into my head to make a rainbow ripple throw for the settees in the front room. 

I tweeted this picture back in July last year. I was so excited that I had managed to actually make it ripple 😀But the first row was so hard!! I completed the first row and put it away – in the bottom of my knitting basket never to be seen again. I was gutted. I had seen so many people on Twitter say how easy it was but I found it took so much concentration that I didn’t want to think about it anymore 😞

The ripple stayed in the basket until April this year. We were offered the use of a friend’s caravan over the Easter weekend. While packing I had a look in my knitting basket to see if there were any unfinished projects I could take with me to do in the evenings. Can you guess what was staring back at me? Yep! I decided to give it one more chance, so I packed my hook and wool and off we went to the seaside. 

Once I got past the first row of the ripple, it was much much easier. The ripple, I assume, is established by then and easier to follow maybe? Whatever it was by the end of the weekend it looked like this:

How fab does that look? I was so impressed. However, it is so wide it was taking over half an hour per row! I kept thinking to myself “I’ll never finish this!” But then Jen came to my rescue when she tweeted about the 100 Day Project. I read about it and decided I would like to sign up for it. But what was I going to do for the 100 days? Yes I am a bit slow and it took me about an hour before I realised that I could combine both problems (what to do for 100days Project and Will I ever finish my Blanket?) and ripple one row every day. 

I used the hashtag #100daysofrippling on Instagram and started rippling. 

I rippled in the house and I rippled in public. 

I rippled around the kids

And I rippled while snacking (oops!)

I rippled sitting in the car, while waiting for Little Lady to do her swimming lesson, up my parents’ house. I literally took my blanket everywhere with me. I had so many lovely comments while out and about. I even inspired one swimming mummy to finish her crochet blanket 🙋🏻*high five*

By the end of the blanket I was crocheting each row a bit quicker and I was managing more than one row a day on some days. Eventually (due to running out of wool) I came to this:

The very last stitch! 


 I still have all the ends to weave in but the whole family loves it and so do I. To be honest I was so afraid that as it had taken so long that I wouldn’t like the finished product! 

The blanket took me about 5 weeks to make (once I actually got going) and cost me £16.47 in wool. I used 8x100g balls of Stylecraft Special DK and I used almost every single scrap of yarn I bought. 

Would I do it again? Yes definitely! 

As long as someone else starts me off 😉

Out of my depth

If I tell you something, do you promise not to laugh? At least not to my face anyway? 

Tonight I took some of my church youth group to the annual denominational swimming gala. The kids get so excited. Little lady has competed for the last three years and even D entered a race this year, desperate as he was, to be like his sister. Between the group we brought home 14 medals. Little lady won 3 of those, including a bronze for the 11years and under race, competing against girls 4 years her senior 😀

But that’s not what’s keeping me awake tonight. I have so many thoughts going around in my head. The main one being the fact that I competed tonight. In a bid to cajole one of the other mums (a fantastic swimmer) to sign up for the adult race, I agreed to sign up myself!! Me, a non-swimmer, someone who avoids water as much as possible!

With all my ear problems I do not swim. I haven’t swum since school probably. If, and that’s a big if, I do go in the pool, my hair never gets wet. It’s actually easier to tell people that I can’t swim than going into my whole medical history and why I am afraid to get water in my ears. (Also why I don’t have my hair washed at the hair dressers but that’s another story!!)

So tonight, I was signed up for the adults’ race. Little lady’s face was beaming with pride. How could I back out? I jokingly (half??) told the lifeguards to be ready to rescue me, I told the time keeper in my lane to go get a sandwich. I had already written myself off before I had even got to the edge of the pool. All races start in the water and as I got in I started to panic. I wondered if I could actually remember how to swim! I had borrowed Little Lady’s goggles and putting them on I felt like a fake. I was fearful of letting her down. I knew I was going to finish last and that didn’t bother me, what did bother me was making a fool of myself. What if I made such a fuss and a big scene that I drowned myself during the race?? Not a good look for someone actually employed by the denomination is it?

The whistle blew and off I went. I was amazed by how clearly I could see with goggles on. Do you know I have never worn goggles to swim in my life! We didn’t have them as kids and as I said before, I don’t swim now. It was amazing to see everything underwater. It was so clear and calm.

 Well until I had to breathe anyway! Now, I have watched hours and hours of Little Lady’s swimming lessons. I have seen Olympic swimmers on the TV. Quite simply, you turn your head to the side, take a breath and put your face back in the water. Easy. Except the first time I tried it, I swallowed a mouthful of water. The second time I tried it, I didn’t get a full breath. It is not as easy as it looks! By the time I got to the end I was so desperate for air I thought I was going to pass out. 

But… I didn’t. Yes I came last. 4th out of 4 (one of which was a 14year old girl who just wanted a go!) but according to hubby I didn’t lose by much so that’s some consolation. Little Lady even said I “wasn’t bad” High praise indeed!

Tonight has surprised me in different ways. 

  1. That I had actually managed to convince myself I couldn’t swim
  2. Goggles make a world of difference to swimming
  3. I wasn’t *that* bad 
  4. How much I actually enjoyed swimming

Maybe I should pack my specially-made earplugs and Little Lady’s goggles and go for a swim by myself another day. I think I might like that.