#The 100 day project

What Could You Do With 100 Days of Making
I saw this on the Make Do and Mend-able facebook page and although I was intriqued, I didn’t really know what to do for it. I sat for a while, crocheting my ripple blanket, alternating between thinking “What can I do for the 100 day project?” and “Oh man! I’m never going to finish this ripple blanket!” Is it too obvious that I finally came to the realisation that I could combine the two?
So for the next 100 days (Starting today) I plan to ripple one row of my rainbow blanket every day. I’ve estimated that by the end of the 100 days I should be very close to finishing the blanket. Yay!
If you are on instagram you can follow me and my progress @mehubbyandkids and I’ll be using both the #100daysofrippling and #100daysofmaking hashtags.


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