Make Do and Mend-able Back to Basics

i have been a big fan of Jen Gale since the end of 2012 when I caught wind of her Buy Nothing New year. Since then she has been promoting the idea of Make Do And Mend everywhere she can.

Now with her own Make Do and Mend-able website and host of #makedoandmendhour on Twitter (Thursday 8-9pm if you are interested) she has also put together her own book!


The book is made up of 19 chapters, each one written by different contributors. The book isn’t one that is meant to be read like a novel, but more as an instruction manual, an Essential Guide to Make do and Mend, as the tag line says. Topics range from how to sew on a button 


To how to replace a plug



The book is a back-to-basics guide and as such the sewing chapters were a bit basic for me. However they are ideal for people who are beginners or those who are coming back to sewing after a break. It’s not just sewing though. There is something to learn for everyone. I loved reading how to unpick old woollens and re-use the yarn as I hate the wibbly-wobbly effect you are left with. 



There are a number of projects in this book and I â looking forward to having a go at some of them.

This is a fab book to have at home on your e-reader or tablet and I would definitely recommend it as a present for someone moving into their own home for the first time – think students going to uni or young adults leaving home for the first time, as well as for people like me who just want to live their lives with a smaller impact on the world.

The book is being released on the 21st of this month and is priced at £8. However you can pre-order it now for a reduced price of £5 from here

**I was lucky enough to be sent this e-book free of charge for the purposes of the review. However all opinions are my own and I would only recommend something if I would actually pay for it myself, which in this case, I would have bought the book anyway. 

#The 100 day project

What Could You Do With 100 Days of Making
I saw this on the Make Do and Mend-able facebook page and although I was intriqued, I didn’t really know what to do for it. I sat for a while, crocheting my ripple blanket, alternating between thinking “What can I do for the 100 day project?” and “Oh man! I’m never going to finish this ripple blanket!” Is it too obvious that I finally came to the realisation that I could combine the two?
So for the next 100 days (Starting today) I plan to ripple one row of my rainbow blanket every day. I’ve estimated that by the end of the 100 days I should be very close to finishing the blanket. Yay!
If you are on instagram you can follow me and my progress @mehubbyandkids and I’ll be using both the #100daysofrippling and #100daysofmaking hashtags.