Succeeding to fail??

Well this year I have been rubbish at achieving the goals I set at the beginning of the year. It’s not that we didn’t achieve anything, it’s just that I didn’t achieve these specific goals. Let’s look at an extract taken from the first post of 2014 (extract in bold)

1.Sew a lot more. I am hoping to get the attic sorted out soon enough for my craft space to become a reality. I would like to make more of my own clothes and also clothes for Little Lady and baby D. Hubby has a lot of clothes and wears either a uniformed polo shirt and shorts or wet/dry suit for work so I’m not planning to involve him yet.

I did sew a lot more in 2014. I made 3dresses for myself and another 3 for Little Lady. I also made what felt like a million snowflake dresses, a fairy godmother outfit, some fairy wings and various other craft items. I am taking this as ACHIEVED

2.During 2014 I am planning to not buy any new clothes for myself and only a small amount for the kiddies. Exceptions include; underwear and shoes. I will not skimp on shoes for the little ones and the thought of second hand underwear……well let’s not go there!!

Major fail here. I bought a bit of running kit for me, school uniform for Little Lady and other bits and pieces. This one is definitely NOT ACHIEVED ✖️

3.Running. I want to improve my running and I have my eye on a few races I would like to sign up for over the coming year. Starting off I have a 5k Virtual Race in January. (More to come on that later on in the month) I have also set myself a target of 500km total over the year. This is to try to get me to go running more often. I have set up my runkeeper app to count every run I do from today to the 31st December.

I didn’t quite make the 500km target I set myself but I definitely improved my running. Both my 5k and 10k PB’s have come down by quite a bit and I ran a Half Marathon too. Along the way I also ran 8 races (although one didn’t give out medals 😥) which is 5 more than last year so a definite ACHIEVED


4.Curtains for baby D’s room. I have seen fabric that I like and plan to order it asap. We have taken D’s cot away and he’s sleeping in a big boy’s bed now so it’ll be nice for him to have a big boy’s room too.

😳 Bad mammy alert. Major fail here too. D’s bedroom has hardy been touched as the kids now have a playroom. This will be rolled over for the 2nd year running. I think it’s best if we move on quickly NOT ACHIEVED✖️

5.Continue in the garden. We acquired 5 blackcurrant bushes to add to the fruit trees we already have. I want to plant more and use the harvest to make a lot of our food from scratch.

We did pretty well at the growing this year. Unfortunately the birds are most of our harvest. We had a tree full of cherries which they ate, they also ate our blackcurrants and a few other bits too. This was a kind of achieved

6.Decluttering and sorting. Ruthlessly. I really really want my craft/office space in the attic so I really need to get my bum in gear with this one. It will be a long slog as not only do we have a lot of stuff in the attic, but the spare room soon to be play room, has a lot of stuff in it, as does the space under the stairs. Our house is almost bursting with stuff, and we need to continue the work we started, and abandoned, pretty much this time last year!

This is another “kind of” one. We have been decluttering but not ruthlessly. I still don’t have a proper craft space in the attic and the house is still bursting with clutter. This will also be rolled over to next year! So kind of achieved

So 2 achieved ✅
2 not achieved ✖️
And 2 “kind ofs”➖
“Room for improvement” I think is the phrase here. Tomorrow I will try to post a round up of 2014 and then I will post my new goals for 2015. Hopefully I will do better this time.

Happy new year everybody 🎉🎉

5 thoughts on “Succeeding to fail??

  1. Happy New Year to you too. I don’t think you’ve done too badly really. Your medals are a big success. I feel that I’ve done nothing of note! I really must finish the knitting project I started and start a new project – I’m such a procrastinator! At least we finally decorated the hallway this year even if I am still trying to find carpet for the stairs!

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I wouldn’t say that you haven’t done anything this year. You have inspired me to be more adventurous in the kitchen this year and I thank you for that. Now get back to your knitting (only joking) 🙂

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