MoRunning 2014 style

Way back last year the MoRun was my first ever proper 10k. I even admit in this post that I hadn’t even run the distance during training! Oops!

This year I ran again for Velindre but after raising so much money running the Cardiff Half I decided I wanted to raise awareness more than money. If you read last year’s post you will know that I lost my dad to testicular Cancer. What you might not know is that the reason he died is that he left it too late before seeking help. He was too embarrassed to go to the doctor and eventually went with a bad back. By that point it had spread and there wasn’t anything they could do.

In order to raise awareness of this I ran in fancy dress. Well I say fancy dress, what I actually did was run in a corset and a petticoat!!

This is a me in a nice warm house thinking what a good idea it would be to run like this!!!

Hahahahahahahaha *hysterical laughter* it was very very cold on the morning of the race. Well it was November – what on earth was I expecting??? I had to wear shorts under the petticoat as you could see my knickers!! This resulted in a stop at an aid station asking for Vaseline before my thighs set themselves on fire! Note to self- thighs are too chunky to wear shorts!!

The corset I wore was one I had made years ago. Turns out I have less “up top” than I did pre kids!! Great! So I had to take it in so I didn’t flash my boobies!! I did wear a peasant type top underneath as I didn’t think a sports bra showing under my corset was a good look!

The race itself was exactly the same course as last year. I found it easier to complete as I have run quite a lot more than this time last year and the laps were easier to deal with mentally. I agreed with myself that I wouldn’t go for a PB and would just take it easy as it was a bit difficult to breathe in the corset so I had less pressure on myself.

Although the race felt largely more relaxed than previous races, I am quite thankful to the patronising woman I met at 7.5k who made me want to punch her in the face! (I didn’t I’ll just add) What I did do instead, was speed up to get away from her before I did punch her in the face πŸ˜‰ but she did me a massive favour. Once I found the momentum I found it easier to keep it up and even managed a full blown sprint from just after 9k.

It actually felt really good to finish strong rather than not have anything left to give. I crossed the finish line to almost all my running club cheering me on which really lifted me as I am the slowest out of all of them. My hands were so cold I couldn’t open my water bottle and I only just managed to type my race number into the computer to get a printout with my time on it. I had mentally worked out that I should cross the line around about 1:13 which I would have been pleased with considering my outfit. I looked at my printout and my chip time was 1:10:23!!!! A 10k PB!!! Only by 7seconds but the time I set the original PB I really struggled. This time I felt I was taking it easy. I couldn’t believe it!

In a year I have managed to improve my time by 9 minutes but more importantly (to me) this race wasn’t the struggle it was last year. I’ll take that as a win, thank you πŸ™‚

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