Lush blogger event*

I am so far behind on my blog posts. I need a proper catch up.

I was invited to my very first blogger event. I was very excited as I see so many bloggers being invited to these events and they always look very exciting. I was even more excited by the fact it was for Lush. I love Lush, but being on a tight budget means I don’t get to sample their products often enough.

I had been invited to their mummy blogger event, where they taught us a lot of handy tips and ways to use their products with your babies. To be honest I had never thought of using their products on the kiddies. Little lady does like a fizzy colourful bath bomb and there was a lot to choose from downstairs in the shop.

Lots of colour

Lots of colour

D however, isn’t really keen on anything that might float on the water so something with flowers or glitter in isn’t really suitable for him. The Ickle Baby Bot (bottom right corner of above photo) might be a bit more suitable although it does change the colour of the water which he isn’t keen on either. We were also shown Fun, which is mouldable as it has a sort of play doh texture. I’m not a lover of play doh but something that actively encourages kids to wash and associate bath time with fun? Yes please! One of these will definitely be making it’s way into our bathroom for D to play wash with. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The store was full of products that looked (and smelled) good enough to eat.


Shower Jelly

Shower Jelly


Massage bars

Massage bars


Fresh face masks

Fresh face masks

Dip anyone???

As lovely as the products are (and they are lovely) the best bit about Lush (for me anyway) is the way they try to cut down on packaging and plastic use. A lot of their shampoos for instance, are cut off a big block

photo 4 (5)

Or come in small disks as you can see in the above photo. To reduce packaging, Lush sell little tins that can hold your shampoo, massage bar or whatever. These can be washed out and reused.

Massage bar tins

Massage bar tins

photo 5

Other products come in a plastic tub which isn’t great when like me, you are trying to reduce single use plastic. However, these tubs (and bottles) are made from recycled plastic and most have a label on them saying the plastic isn’t virgin. The tubs can be washed out and returned to the store for re-use. If you take back 5 large tubs, Lush will give you a fresh face mask free so they actively encourage you to recycle their pots.

While in the shop I treated myself to some shaving cream (in a recycled tub) meaning I can stop using the shaving cream that comes in a squirty can. I also bought some shampoo and a bath bomb for my sister who very kindly babysat D for me to go to the event. With the shampoo and shaving cream I now have less single use containers in my bathroom! Go me!!

How do you cut down on single use plastic/containers in your bathroom??

Disclaimer **I was given a goodie bag with some free products to try but all opinions in this post are my own**

4 thoughts on “Lush blogger event*

  1. I always feel a bit lightheaded when I go into Lush! I love their Angel Delight soap they have out at Christmas though ๐Ÿ™‚ I must admit I never think too much about packaging, so really it’s great that they do it for you!

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