Made It Monday #12

This is a make I’ve been meaning to show you all for about a month. It was my sister’s birthday cake. If you remember I made her birthday cake last year. This year was a pretty low key affair even though she was celebrating the big 3-0 as we had been out a couple of times celebrating prior to her actual birthday.

The cake was a simple sponge cake with chocolate fingers around the outside and malteasers (her favourite) and smarties over the top. The cake took more than 2boxes of chocolate fingers which I was pretty gobsmacked about and bags of malteasers don’t stretch very far these days either!!!

Grumbling aside. Here is the cake

Short but sweet today. I do hope to get back into the swing of things soon.

Lush blogger event*

I am so far behind on my blog posts. I need a proper catch up.

I was invited to my very first blogger event. I was very excited as I see so many bloggers being invited to these events and they always look very exciting. I was even more excited by the fact it was for Lush. I love Lush, but being on a tight budget means I don’t get to sample their products often enough.

I had been invited to their mummy blogger event, where they taught us a lot of handy tips and ways to use their products with your babies. To be honest I had never thought of using their products on the kiddies. Little lady does like a fizzy colourful bath bomb and there was a lot to choose from downstairs in the shop.

Lots of colour

Lots of colour

D however, isn’t really keen on anything that might float on the water so something with flowers or glitter in isn’t really suitable for him. The Ickle Baby Bot (bottom right corner of above photo) might be a bit more suitable although it does change the colour of the water which he isn’t keen on either. We were also shown Fun, which is mouldable as it has a sort of play doh texture. I’m not a lover of play doh but something that actively encourages kids to wash and associate bath time with fun? Yes please! One of these will definitely be making it’s way into our bathroom for D to play wash with. 😉

The store was full of products that looked (and smelled) good enough to eat.


Shower Jelly

Shower Jelly


Massage bars

Massage bars


Fresh face masks

Fresh face masks

Dip anyone???

As lovely as the products are (and they are lovely) the best bit about Lush (for me anyway) is the way they try to cut down on packaging and plastic use. A lot of their shampoos for instance, are cut off a big block

photo 4 (5)

Or come in small disks as you can see in the above photo. To reduce packaging, Lush sell little tins that can hold your shampoo, massage bar or whatever. These can be washed out and reused.

Massage bar tins

Massage bar tins

photo 5

Other products come in a plastic tub which isn’t great when like me, you are trying to reduce single use plastic. However, these tubs (and bottles) are made from recycled plastic and most have a label on them saying the plastic isn’t virgin. The tubs can be washed out and returned to the store for re-use. If you take back 5 large tubs, Lush will give you a fresh face mask free so they actively encourage you to recycle their pots.

While in the shop I treated myself to some shaving cream (in a recycled tub) meaning I can stop using the shaving cream that comes in a squirty can. I also bought some shampoo and a bath bomb for my sister who very kindly babysat D for me to go to the event. With the shampoo and shaving cream I now have less single use containers in my bathroom! Go me!!

How do you cut down on single use plastic/containers in your bathroom??

Disclaimer **I was given a goodie bag with some free products to try but all opinions in this post are my own**

Cardiff Half Marathon

Well I have neglected my poor blog haven’t I? I’ve got a lot to tell you about though so I had best set some time to one side in order to get the posts I want to write, done!

Anyway first off I want to tell you what I did last Sunday. I can’t keep my excitement in. I ran a half marathon. Yep, that’s right, 13.1miles! I can’t believe I actually did it! I was so nervous in the run up to the race. I’d actually trained properly for this. Not the half hearted attempts I usually do. What would happen if I can’t finish? What if I completely mess up the race? All sorts of things were going around in my head and I was absolutely bricking it!!

I had to drive into Cardiff by myself as hubby was bringing the kids in later on the train. I managed to park in the park and walk facility they had set up so that was simple enough. I went in early to make sure I got a space and the mile (or so) I walked into town was done in very little light.

I took my bag to the bag drop and met some lovely ladies from the fantastic Run Mummy Run Facebook page. We queued for the start and sang the national anthem before counting down to the start. As the hooter went, we were going no where! The amount of people in front of us meant it took over 9minutes to actually cross the start line. (It’s actually around the corner in this picture)

Once we did cross the line, the crowd thinned enough to give me enough room to start running. Mile after mile ticked by and I was in such a positive headspace, which is quite unusual for me. I just kept repeating one of my favourite bible verses – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phillipians 4:13) and it kept me going. I knew I could do it and that thought kept me smiling throughout. I am still surprised at how positive I was. Usually I tend to convince myself I can’t do it so this was new to me!

I had to stop for a wee but thankfully I stopped at some public conveniences rather than the portaloos provided as the queue for those were at least 20mins!!

I started to struggle around the 10,11 mile mark as I was getting tired then. I hadn’t tried gels or anything in training so all I had was fruit pastilles which were fine and the organisers had an energy drink station around that point which really helped (even though I had to ask someone to open it for me!!). The mile between 11-12 felt about 5miles long. It seemed never ending but the crowd kept me going. The crowd was fantastic, all the way around! If you ever get a chance to watch a road race please go to support the runners. It means so much having strangers urging you to keep going. Seeing some friends who had come to cheer me really boosted me too and although I did walk the very last hill, I did manage a sprint finish. Mainly because I was so glad to see the finish line!!

Crossing the finish line I was handed a medal, bottle of water, t shirt, banana, can of non alcoholic beer and a goodie bag. I was a bit confused by why it couldn’t all go in the goodie bag and why they expected us to carry it all when I could barely carry myself!! I burst into tears as soon as I met up with hubby and the kids. The emotion was overwhelming! But I was so pleased that I did it and I raised quite a bit of money for my charity Velindre Cancer Centre while doing it.

Would I do it again? A very big resounding YES! Well I do have a PB of 2:37:50 to beat now don’t I? Sub 2:30 here I come 😉