9 year hitch

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. It’s been a quiet affair (so to speak) as hubby went back to work today after two weeks annual leave. We are not making a fuss this year as I want to do something special for our 10th next year.

When we got married we always said we would re-do our honeymoon on our 10th wedding anniversary. However, kiddies and finances wouldn’t allow, unless of course we have some kind of massive financial windfall in the next 12 months 😉

My thoughts today has turned to my wedding dress. I made my own and since the wedding it has been sat in a box, which has been moved from house to house to storage to house. It was never cleaned as the dry cleaners refused to take it without a “dry clean only” label. I tried to explain I had made it and was happy to tell them exactly what materials I had used but they wouldn’t budge!

With my mind focused on decluttering, it doesn’t make sense to have it up in the attic never to be seen again. But what to do with it? I did debate years ago about cutting it up to make little lady’s christening outfit but then I found a better fabric that suited her more than the ivory and purple of my wedding dress, so I made her dress out of that instead.

These days, I am kind of swaying towards cutting out the back of my dress, where the detail is and having it framed. I like this idea but I am slightly afraid of cutting into it in case little lady wants to use parts of it in her own wedding dress many years from now. I would rather she had first choice. Then again, she may take one look at it and turn her nose up at it. How can I predict what the fashion/style will be when she is lucky enough to get married? Simply I can’t.

I did ask hubby what he thought I should do and he laughed and told me that I had told him years ago that I wanted to be buried in it!! 🙀 I definitely don’t remember saying that!

What did you do with your wedding dress after the big day? I’d love to know x

5 thoughts on “9 year hitch

  1. Mine is in the loft after 28 years. I did consider making my daughter’s Prom dress out of it, but she changed her mind as to what she wanted. Mine is so 80s it’s untrue, but there’s a lot of fabric in it, so maybe I could remodel it if she fancies that 😊

  2. I’m gonna need to see a picture of this amazing dress! I’m always in awe of people who make their own wedding dresses – although my friend has asked me to make hers so I better get over that! 🙂

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