Over the last few months, hubby and I have been using the time that D is in nursery to try and get a few jobs done around the house. Unfortunately these jobs are taking much longer than originally planned. So while I dream of showing you before and after pics of my lovely new dining room, it’s actually still waiting for a last coat of paint :/

So instead I thought I’d round up all my Works In Progress and put them all in one post!

Let’s start with the kitchen. Our new sink is in and the cupboards have been re arranged to give us a better working kitchen. The cupboard doors need going back on, the radiator needs removing and a small bit of work top installed.


The playroom upstairs has been tidied and treated to some new storage.

Let’s not forget the dining room.

Almost there but still not quite.

We are getting there slowly. We are decluttering as we go and have already donated a lot to charity shops and passed on to friends. We are being very careful so that unnecessary items do not go to landfill. There is still a lot of work to be done before this house is completely finished but it’s starting to take shape now and I am feeling good about the progress we are making.

I am hoping that it won’t be long before the WIP you see above will be finished and have it’s own post dedicated to it. Until then….

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