D and I made a lovely discovery while out and about 2 weeks ago. We were in our local army surplus store buying socks for my stepdad (they are his favourite ever present) and D was whinging and complaining telling me he was hungry. Across the road from the surplus store is a cafe that I hadn’t been in before.

Tyfu Cafe is a social enterprise in our town. Tyfu is welsh for “grow” or “growing” and the volunteers who work there are encouraged to work towards qualifications to help them get work. You can learn more about them here.

There were a handful of people already enjoying food when we got there but lucky for us no one had commandeered the giant settee that faces the window. D immediately went for the window seat as there were all sorts of toys and cars for him to play with, while I ordered our food.

I also asked them to add £1 onto my bill to add to the shared coffee scheme they have. Basically the money goes in a pot then disadvantaged people can get a voucher to have a hot drink in the cafe. You can read more about their shared coffee scheme here

D loved playing with the toys they had there

and the food was lovely.

We especially loved the slightly misshaped, homemade cookies

We have been back a few times now and will definitely visit them again as the staff were lovely. I love how I can still discover new places to go after living here for so long.

Are there small gems in your town that you’ve just discovered?

*Disclaimer* this post is not sponsored in any way

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