Made It Monday #7

I have been a busy bee in my sewing room lately. Little lady has her end of year dance showcase next weekend *eek* and I was asked to make 5 snowflake dresses *double eek*

I don’t normally sew with stretch fabric or with organza so this was slightly out of my comfort zone. I re-acquainted myself with the stretch stitches on my trusty machine and dug my overlocker out of its box.

If I’m honest I really like the way these dresses have turned out. I always feel under pressure when I sew for other people and never truly relax even after they are finished in case the recipients are not happy with it.
In this case, each dancer tried their dress on and loved them 😀

I’m so excited for the showcase now 😀

4 thoughts on “Made It Monday #7

      • My Son was in the Lion King and my daughter in Jungle a Book for their Yr 6 productions and I made almost all of the costumes. Luckily they didn’t want anything too complicated and I had the time and imagination! Wish I had some decent pictures. My son played Zazu and I really enjoyed making his costume including a baseball cap with a long beak!

      • Wow. You’ve put my snowflake and Annie costumes to shame with your talent. I’d love to have a go at making something as over the top as animal costumes. Bet Zazu looked fab x

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