Sports day

This morning was little lady’s sports day. An event she looks forward to each year. The kids have been practicing for weeks and they all tried their very best this morning. It was a pleasure to watch.

Little lady took part in 4 races and came away with a 1st and a 3rd. Obviously I am very proud of her. But the reason I am most proud of her, is that at the end of the 2races she didn’t do very well in, she didn’t mind. She went back to her “house” group as happy as when she got to stand on the podium. Yes she was pleased when she won but she still enjoyed the taking part even when she didn’t win.

It was this attitude that made me very proud of her. She was enjoying the taking part and being a part of a team. She was also trying her very best which is a big improvement over the year she came last because she was too busy talking!!! 😉

Obviously I am proud of her 1st and 3rd place. What parent wouldn’t be? But to see that winning isn’t everything to her is just amazing.

Seren I am so proud of you 😘


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