Passing it on

When I was pregnant with both little lady and D I couldn’t help spending time thinking about the things they would get from me. Would they have my dark hair or be lighter like their dad? Would they have my dark brown eyes?

Little lady has her dad’s light brown hair and green/brown eyes. She tans easily like her father and has his laid back nature. She has inherited his love for books and reading. She has many of his characteristics and yet looks (as I’m told often) exactly like me. D on the other hand, has much darker hair and eyes. He has pale skin and loves routine, just like me.

I still spend time wondering which parts of their developing personality will come from me and which parts will come from their dad. It’s so interesting to see two children so alike but again, so different. Both made by the same parents, sharing the same genes but both their own unique person.

But what about the things we don’t want to pass on? Do I really want to wish my nose (that I got from my dad) on my children? What about my chunky thighs (my nan’s side of the family)? What about my deafness??

D will be 3 years old in 3 months time and his speech is very poor. At first it is easy to pass off with the age old “all children develop at different rates” or the other one “boys are much lazier than girls”. But at what point do you start to worry? When you notice he’s not mixing with other children because he can’t communicate with them? When you realise that he will start school in January and start worrying that if he can’t speak English properly, how will he cope in a welsh language school? When the speech therapist suggests to you that you should get his hearing tested?

Of all the things I could give my son, I may have given him my deafness. I know I may be worrying prematurely, but just thinking of all the times I’ve struggled to keep up with a conversation, making excuses not to go out with friends as I know conversations will be difficult to follow when there is a group of people. Annoying other people with the subtitles on the TV, having to choose whether to crochet/knitn or watch a DVD (okay, so that might not be a big worry to him) as it’s hard to read the subtitles and look at my crochet/knitting at the same time.

I’ve had my hearing aids over 20 years now and they are part of me. Even little lady knows that I can’t hear her without them in. I am finally comfortable to admit to people that I “don’t hear very well” but it’s taken me 20 years to get here. I don’t want to pass that on to my beautiful boy. I’d rather he had my nose.


D and I made a lovely discovery while out and about 2 weeks ago. We were in our local army surplus store buying socks for my stepdad (they are his favourite ever present) and D was whinging and complaining telling me he was hungry. Across the road from the surplus store is a cafe that I hadn’t been in before.

Tyfu Cafe is a social enterprise in our town. Tyfu is welsh for “grow” or “growing” and the volunteers who work there are encouraged to work towards qualifications to help them get work. You can learn more about them here.

There were a handful of people already enjoying food when we got there but lucky for us no one had commandeered the giant settee that faces the window. D immediately went for the window seat as there were all sorts of toys and cars for him to play with, while I ordered our food.

I also asked them to add £1 onto my bill to add to the shared coffee scheme they have. Basically the money goes in a pot then disadvantaged people can get a voucher to have a hot drink in the cafe. You can read more about their shared coffee scheme here

D loved playing with the toys they had there

and the food was lovely.

We especially loved the slightly misshaped, homemade cookies

We have been back a few times now and will definitely visit them again as the staff were lovely. I love how I can still discover new places to go after living here for so long.

Are there small gems in your town that you’ve just discovered?

*Disclaimer* this post is not sponsored in any way

Plastic Tea

I follow a number of bloggers, one of which is Westywrites. She and others are taking part in Plastic Free July. She is attempting to give up single use plastic for the month of July and I have been following her progress on her blog and on twitter @westywrites with interest.

Then I found out that tea bags contain plastic!! In the actual bag! I was horrified. The tea companies say that there is minimal health risks to having the plastic in tea bags but still! I don’t want to be drinking any kind of plastic!

After a chat on twitter about it, (check out @polytheenpam and @ecothrifty) Westy tweeted a lot of tea companies asking about their bags. You can see the replies she got here. I also tweeted Teapigs to ask them as I’d heard that they do plastic free bags

I had a reply back asking me to email Reece with my query so I did. This is the reply I had.

Teapigs temples are 100% made from a bi-product of corn-starch called Soilon, they are therefore biodegradable and do not contain any plastic whatsoever we even use vegetable based ink to print the labels and the packaging! One thing worthy of note is that Soilon is tough stuff, although it is biodegradable it will not break down quickly in a home composter. It takes 6-8 weeks to break down under commercial conditions, but from anywhere between 12 and 36 months to breakdown at home

So there is one alternative to plastic tea. Well done teapigs. Bonus points for Eco packaging too. 🙂

Another alternative is loose tea. Since reading about it I have switched back to loose leaf tea. I use what I’ve just found out is called a “tea bomb”

Picture from here
I just put my loose tea in here and put it straight in the cup or teapot depending on how many people in making tea for. (I’m too lazy to get my teapot out for one person!!)

I have found the switch away from teabags an easy one to make at the moment. The real test of course, will be out and about. Will I be able to avoid plastic tea?
What do you think about the fact there is plastic in teabags??

Made It Monday #7

I have been a busy bee in my sewing room lately. Little lady has her end of year dance showcase next weekend *eek* and I was asked to make 5 snowflake dresses *double eek*

I don’t normally sew with stretch fabric or with organza so this was slightly out of my comfort zone. I re-acquainted myself with the stretch stitches on my trusty machine and dug my overlocker out of its box.

If I’m honest I really like the way these dresses have turned out. I always feel under pressure when I sew for other people and never truly relax even after they are finished in case the recipients are not happy with it.
In this case, each dancer tried their dress on and loved them 😀

I’m so excited for the showcase now 😀

Sports day

This morning was little lady’s sports day. An event she looks forward to each year. The kids have been practicing for weeks and they all tried their very best this morning. It was a pleasure to watch.

Little lady took part in 4 races and came away with a 1st and a 3rd. Obviously I am very proud of her. But the reason I am most proud of her, is that at the end of the 2races she didn’t do very well in, she didn’t mind. She went back to her “house” group as happy as when she got to stand on the podium. Yes she was pleased when she won but she still enjoyed the taking part even when she didn’t win.

It was this attitude that made me very proud of her. She was enjoying the taking part and being a part of a team. She was also trying her very best which is a big improvement over the year she came last because she was too busy talking!!! 😉

Obviously I am proud of her 1st and 3rd place. What parent wouldn’t be? But to see that winning isn’t everything to her is just amazing.

Seren I am so proud of you 😘


Let’s go fly a kite

Last weekend I took a youth group on a residential weekend near Brecon. We had a fantastic time. The kids were exceptionally well behaved and slept pretty well compared to last year too! I think that may have been helped by the fact that we kept them busy til about 11pm on both Friday and Saturday evenings.

Saturday afternoon we made kites out of 2 sticks, paper, string and newspaper before taking them out to fly them. My kite was declared the best flyer of all!!

Which was probably cheating as it was a competition for the kids not the leaders!!

While flying our kites we were lucky enough to see some black swans down by the lake.

When we got back after flying our kites, there was just enough time for some water games before a BBQ tea.

Not only was this my first BBQ of the year but it also meant another item crossed off my Day Zero list. 😀

I was absolutely shattered when I got home on Sunday evening and have had quite a few early nights this week. I can’t be too tired for our family weekend away camping this weekend can I?

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this plea on a shop in Talgarth