Love Run

I signed up to do the Love Run months ago. In fact as it’s name suggests it should have been run in February around valentines day. All those big storms we had around that time meant it was cancelled due to a fallen tree and various other weather related health and safety stuff.

It was then rearranged for last Saturday. Which was fine. Except it meant 3 races in 3 weekends and the week before we had another severe weather warning threatening to cancel the event a second time.

Thankfully the apocalypse-style hailstones decided to stay at home so I had a message on Facebook from the organisers saying it would go ahead.

Driving to Cardiff on the morning, the rain was bouncing a foot off the floor! Thankfully by the time I arrived at the start line the sun had come out. I picked up my t shirt, spoke to some friends who had also signed up and then we were ushered to the start line. No warm up, nothing. Just straight into it.

I had quite high hopes for this race. At the women’s running 10k I had managed to run 5k in 33.09secs. That is a PB for me and I still had to run the same distance again. Surely I could go faster than that if I didn’t have to save anything to run longer?

Yeah! You would think so! Except my whole race just fell apart. It was so hot and my legs felt so tired. It was an absolute shambles. It was so awful as I crossed the finish line, I ran straight to the portaloo to cry! I had to compose myself before I went to collect my very lame goodie bag and banana.

I felt so disappointed in myself. It has to be one of the worst runs I have had and it’s completely shattered my confidence.

And to top it all off, there wasn’t even a medal 😦

2 thoughts on “Love Run

  1. Well all you have to do is read my blog post on the Hull 10k to see that I know exactly how you feel!

    No platitudes helped me either no matter how helpful people were being so I will just say I really sympathise. I think that sometimes you just have really crappy runs and there’s nothing to be done about it.

    Although boo to there not being a medal though!

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