Pentecost Picnic

I’m a bit behind with posts which is why I am only just writing about Pentecost!

One of the items on my Day Zero List is “go for a picnic”. On Pentecost Sunday the local council of churches put on an outdoor service on the green around the castle. Little lady, D and I walked down after church and sat on the grass to eat our picnic.

After the picnic the kiddies joined in with some of the games that were organised.


D in the skipping race!

At 2pm most people moved into the marquee for the service.

We went in briefly for me to do a reading on the stage but it was very warm so we came back outside and sat back on the grass instead.

The whole thing was very well organised and there were a lot of people there. The service, which was a joint effort between the churches, was very uplifting and the PA system meant that we could sit outside and still hear what was going on inside the marquee.

We were also lucky enough to be blessed with fantastic and glorious weather. Oh and I crossed an item off my list 😀

43. Go for a picnic

Made it Monday #6

I’m not keeping up with these very well. I seem to realise it’s Monday too late. I’m not going to put myself on the blogging naughty step however as there are no rules on my blog. We’ll just overlook my tardiness and have a look at what I’ve made this week.

This time I’ve got another bag to show you. I used the same pattern as Little Lady’s ballet bag.

It is a lovely pattern to work with and gives a spacious bag as a finished product.

This bag was given as a birthday present and it was very well received. Which is always nice to hear 😀

Love Run

I signed up to do the Love Run months ago. In fact as it’s name suggests it should have been run in February around valentines day. All those big storms we had around that time meant it was cancelled due to a fallen tree and various other weather related health and safety stuff.

It was then rearranged for last Saturday. Which was fine. Except it meant 3 races in 3 weekends and the week before we had another severe weather warning threatening to cancel the event a second time.

Thankfully the apocalypse-style hailstones decided to stay at home so I had a message on Facebook from the organisers saying it would go ahead.

Driving to Cardiff on the morning, the rain was bouncing a foot off the floor! Thankfully by the time I arrived at the start line the sun had come out. I picked up my t shirt, spoke to some friends who had also signed up and then we were ushered to the start line. No warm up, nothing. Just straight into it.

I had quite high hopes for this race. At the women’s running 10k I had managed to run 5k in 33.09secs. That is a PB for me and I still had to run the same distance again. Surely I could go faster than that if I didn’t have to save anything to run longer?

Yeah! You would think so! Except my whole race just fell apart. It was so hot and my legs felt so tired. It was an absolute shambles. It was so awful as I crossed the finish line, I ran straight to the portaloo to cry! I had to compose myself before I went to collect my very lame goodie bag and banana.

I felt so disappointed in myself. It has to be one of the worst runs I have had and it’s completely shattered my confidence.

And to top it all off, there wasn’t even a medal 😦

Racing for life (again)

Well I suppose it’s about my one year anniversary of starting back running. For those that have been reading this blog that long, you will remember that I ran the Race For Life last year. It was my first proper race and I clearly remember struggling to run ALL the way. But I did and I finished in a pretty respectable 38m50s.

My mum, my sister and Little Lady were all so proud of me that they decided they wanted to run it this year. So I entered us all and chose a different course as I couldn’t make the Cardiff date.

Our race plan was that little lady and I would “sprint” off (her words) while Mamgu (my mum) wanted to finish under an hour. Anti couldn’t decide whether to run or walk but ended up having to pull out due to a chest infection 😦

There were a lot less people at this RFL than the Cardiff one and I have to be honest the course left a lot to be desired. The course covered 2 rugby fields and literally zig zagged up and down the fields before going out past the cricket club then looping around and coming back the way you had came!

It was very boring and a bit disheartening when you are looking at all the people in front knowing you’ve still got all that to do.

Little lady and I kept ourselves amused by running, skipping, hopping and walking. We even had a game of tag around the 3km mark. 😀 Little lady also made a point of high five-ing all the Marshalls after hearing me raving about how encouraging they were at the Women’s Running race the weekend before.

Little lady enjoyed herself, having her face painted and beating me in a sprint finish. She we had a good time of just over 45mins and she snuck under the tape to escort Mamgu to the finish line just over 10 minutes later.

Three generations with medals and I’ve already been told to book us in again next year. Although next year I think we will go back to Cardiff.