To Give or Not To Give

I’m in a bit of a quandary. One of the items on my day zero list was to give someone a bunch of flowers for no reason. Yesterday I kind of did. But I’m not sure whether it counts as the flowers were *ahem* second hand. Bear with me while I explain….

At church we all take turns to buy the flowers that go on the table in front of the pulpit. Yesterday was my turn. I bought a lovely bunch of tulips and took them to church. As I was putting them in a vase, one of the older ladies told me how much she liked them.

As I was about to put them on the table, one of the church elders told me I could them home afterwards as there was communion during the evening service so the flowers would only be moved out of the way for the communion to go on the table.

They were lovely flowers but as i knew Pearl had admired them, I offered them to her. She was a bit flustered as she was afraid I felt obliged, but I told her she would have more enjoyment out of them than I would. I would only have to put them out of the way of D anyway!

She was really pleased and couldn’t thank me enough as she took them at the end of the service.

So technically I gave someone flowers for no reason but I hadn’t actually bought them for that reason.

Do you see my quandary?
Does it count or not?

What do you guys think?

Made it Monday #5

So it’s Monday. The first Monday of our Easter holidays and made it Monday number 5.

What am I going to show you today? Well today I would like to show you a bag I made for little lady to carry her dancing things to class.

I love this ballerina fabric and I bought it specifically with some kind of dance bag in mind.

The lining is a pink check fabric I already had in my stash. There are butterfly’s embroidered every so often and this fabric is leftovers from the amount that was originally bought to make little lady’s christening outfit. 🙂 Which makes it extra special in my eyes.

Barbie cakes and JCB’s

Well happy birthday to me! Another birthday and another year older. I am in a much more positive headspace than this time last year. I am still the same weight but, thanks to my running, I am now fitter. The weight will come off eventually. We have been decluttering quite a bit and the house is starting to look like we are getting somewhere 😀

So today I am going to list a few things I am thankful for today.

My birthday cake. Chosen and mostly made by little lady. (Hubby decorated it and supervised)

This JCB parked up the road from our house that made D go “wow!”

The face mask made by little lady that made me smell so so chocolatey.

And rolling the mat back to play trains with D.

I am feeling very blessed this year and I am very grateful for that.

Even if hubby has just walked through the door after coming home from work ill, not even an hour after I had to pick little lady up from school, following an accident with a hula hoop! (Don’t ask!)

Day Zero list

Way back last year Lucy was talking about her Day Zero list. It’s a list of 101 things you’d like to do in 1001 days so better than a bucket list that you might never get round to doing in the belief that you have loads of time left!

Lucy’s day zero list finished last New Year’s Eve and I remember thinking what a fantastic date to finish on. End of the year and all that. So we got talking and Lucy said that she was going to start again on the 6th April 2014 which would make 1001 days later New Year’s Eve 2016. I had to get me some of that action!!! Problem was, Lucy sent me a tweet on the 5th saying “I’m nearly finished, how’s your list going?” And I kind of went “ARRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!” I had forgotten all about it. So I had to rush to get my list done……….

And it’s still not done. I have come to the conclusion that I am a very boring person who has no interest in doing anything at all 😦

The up side though, is that hubby has also started writing a list. Hubby, who shows no interest in the future whatsoever!!! Just between you and me though, I think he’s stealing items off my list!!!!

I’m going to put the list that I have under a new tab at the top of the page so that’s it accessible and I can cross things off as I do them. I will attempt to add the 34 more items it need to make the 101 target. I would love to know if anyone else has a day zero list. I’m nosey like that! 😀