Made it Monday #4

Where is the time going? I’m finding the weeks are going so fast, I’m struggling a bit to keep up. I have a few blog posts that I want to write up but time is running away with me. I am sneaking in this post while Little Lady is having her piano lesson.

So made it Monday. What have I made this week? Maybe I can introduce you to Eregion?

One of the other mums up the schools makes reborn dolls. Personally I find them so real looking that they are scary. I really struggle putting these dolls in a bag, they can be so lifelike.

Eregion is an elf doll. He has pointy ears and everything!! I was asked if I could make him a little elf outfit before he was sold rehomed.

He is wearing a green tunic and trousers and the most epic elf hat I have ever seen. I loved the pattern and it looks really nice on the doll.

I know he is up for sale at the moment in her shop. I do hope he finds a home soon.


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