Made it Monday #4

Where is the time going? I’m finding the weeks are going so fast, I’m struggling a bit to keep up. I have a few blog posts that I want to write up but time is running away with me. I am sneaking in this post while Little Lady is having her piano lesson.

So made it Monday. What have I made this week? Maybe I can introduce you to Eregion?

One of the other mums up the schools makes reborn dolls. Personally I find them so real looking that they are scary. I really struggle putting these dolls in a bag, they can be so lifelike.

Eregion is an elf doll. He has pointy ears and everything!! I was asked if I could make him a little elf outfit before he was sold rehomed.

He is wearing a green tunic and trousers and the most epic elf hat I have ever seen. I loved the pattern and it looks really nice on the doll.

I know he is up for sale at the moment in her shop. I do hope he finds a home soon.



Can you believe hubby and I had a social life this month? We were invited to a surprise 50th birthday party. Now the last surprise 50th we were invited to (many moons ago) the birthday boy spent all night fuming as his daughters had lied to him about not doing anything for his birthday!!

Even with this in mind, we don’t get invited to many 50th birthday parties, surprise or not, so we decided to go. I had the most gorgeous fabric in my stash already I just needed a pattern. You know when you have a really nice length of fabric that you are actually reluctant to cut into it?? No?? Surely that’s not just me?

I found this pattern. An original 60’s pattern that I had been given a few years ago. I was a bit dismayed when I pulled the pattern pieces out of the envelope as the pieces were all scrunched up. Not only that but I found pieces of 3 other patterns in there too. Shame it wasn’t kept in better condition. But it was still useful so I decided to use it.

I had a bit of trouble working out which size to use. I had to convert all my measurements into inches only to find I am a different shape to women of the 60’s! Adjustments made and it was time to cut it out. I didn’t have time to make a toile so was bricking it a bit, cutting into my precious fabric. But I don’t think I did a bad job even if I do say so myself.

What do you think?

Made it Monday #3

I’ve got a few things to show you over the next couple of weeks. I have been struggling to sew as the craft room progress means that some of my stuff is upstairs and some downstairs and nothing seems to be where I am!!

However I am managing to make a few things so I should be able to post in this series more often.

Today’s item is this

This was a present for a very special family friend. I bought a plain white mug and cut out stencils of his name

I used a sharpie pen to colour in the letters then added 2 sachets of hot chocolate and a bag of mini marshmallows. Looks pretty good altogether I think.


Spilt milk

In order to ease up on our finances a bit I have taken a second job. I work every other weekend in the evenings. This way it doesn’t affect childcare as hubby is home and it won’t affect my main job either.

I spent my first weekend shadowing and as a result didn’t have a proper pay. As it wasn’t a proper pay I decided to treat both hubby and I. We don’t treat ourselves very often so it was nice to have a bit of spare money to be able to 🙂

Hubby chose a DVD. NCIS season 9. This was a DVD I was going to buy him for his birthday but at nearly £40 I decided not to. It has since been reduced and I bought it for just over £18 inc p&p 🙂

Me on the other hand. What did I want as a treat? To be honest, there was nothing that I could think of. I must be getting old 😦

I have been frequenting charity shops looking for wooden photo frames for a project I have in mind for the front room and on one visit I saw this.

A lovely jug and plate. Reminds me of the old wash bowls but in miniature size.

I was rather taken by it and since I have been looking for a milk jug for my tea set for a while, I decided to buy it as my treat! And at £2.50 who could say no??


I’m not exactly sure if it was meant as a milk jug as the bowl throws me slightly. Anyone know what it would have originally been for?