BFF’s??? Possibly

I love the fact that I am Little Lady’s best friend. Even when she is cross with me, the worst thing she can say is “you’re not my best friend anymore!” So I can still be her friend, just not her best friend! I think I can cope with that!

At the beginning of the week I was lucky enough to get this

A handmade picture of me and little lady in a heart, standing next to a ginormous flower and she is saying to me “I love you” πŸ˜€ how lovely is that?

So after reading about team Pugh’s Acts of Kindness I decided I would write her a note back. It makes me smile so much when I get a note like that, that I wanted to make little lady smile too.

So while she was in school I wrote her a note complete with a very lifelike(!) picture of the two of us

And left it on her bed.

Later she came home from school and asked to play upstairs. A couple of minutes later little lady called down the stairs:
“Mam, you know this note on my bed?”
*smiling smugly* “yes sweety”
“You did it wrong!”
*jaw drops to the floor* “what?”
“You didn’t draw a flower on it and I like flowers”
“Don’t you think it was a nice note though?”
“Well you didn’t draw a flower on it!” *throws note down the stairs* “you’ve got to put a flower on it cos I like flowers”

A well and truly told off mammy duly drew a flower on the note and sent it back upstairs for approval!

Moral of the story – you can’t please 6 year olds πŸ˜‰

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