Virtual Running

So I have my first running medal of the year. Yay!!

It was for running a 5k virtual race. Yes a virtual race sounds easy doesn’t it? That’s what I thought when I first heard about it through twitter. The lady who organises it can be found on twitter @VirtualRunneruk or you can go to her website to read all about it. Basically you pay the entry fee for the month (in this case January) and then you have to complete your race between specific dates. You can run anywhere, anytime. Then you tweet or email your proof to claim your medal.

I chose to run my race at parkrun. For once I left little lady at home (in bed no less) and went to parkrun on my own. I’m pleased to say I smashed my PB by over a minute and I ran the whole way! No stopping or walking!!!

I was so pleased, although I did feel silly trying to take a selfie straight after the race to send as proof alongside the above photo.

Not my favourite picture I have to admit with my chubby face!!

I was very impressed with both the speed of the arrival of the medal and the quality of the medal itself. It is actually really heavy! It’s also engraved on the back.

Having the virtual race to aim for has really helped me to stick to my training plan (ie actually run during the week) and it’s really convenient as a lot of races are on a Sunday which makes it difficult for me with church.

I have signed myself up to the February virtual race and am really looking forward to getting a new PB πŸ˜‰

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