Made it Monday #2

Well I have been busy this week. I had two birthday girls that needed presents. The first birthday girl was a very big 2 and the second was just slightly older at 60 😉 In light of trying to declutter and not spend money, both presents were made from items I already had (gosh I hope they are not reading this as it makes me sound a bit cheap!) lots of love and time went into both though.

The first present to be finished and wrapped was this one

A hanging heart filled with stuffing and a sprinkling of home grown (well from my mum’s garden anyway) lavender.

The second present was a personalised hair clip tidy. It has ribbons hanging down to enable hair clips to be clipped onto so that they don’t get lost. Something that always happens in our house.

The picture isn’t great as I had to get a picture before I wrapped it and the light was fading by that point.

Both presents were a hit and that’s always a relief especially when they are handmade. I do worry that I look cheap when giving handmade presents. Which is a bit silly really as I LOVE getting handmade items!

I’ll leave you to guess which present went to which birthday girl 😉

I will love you and leave you as this post is already a day late. Oops.

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