Running Club

Well I actually did it! I joined a running club! I can hardly believe it myself. I have always been intimidated by running clubs. I mean, it’s a club for “runners” right?? And I’m not a runner. Yes I have recently ran a few 5k’s and a 10k but I am not a runner. How can I be? Runners are good, right? Runners run marathons and stuff.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 

I have been making these excuses for a while and I really believed them. I just knew if I joined a club, everybody else would run off and I would be stuck at the back, miles behind, while they all laughed at me and my times. 😦 Then I realised that I haven’t been out running since my 10k. Well it’s too dark and too cold to go out running now. Isn’t it? No one else runs in winter surely? I’m ashamed to admit that even though I wouldn’t join the running club I still follow them on twitter. Guess what? They were still out running. No matter what the weather. 20131206-210210.jpg

I realised that I am lazy an excellent procrastinator. I put things off and off until I can’t put them off any longer. In reality I won’t go running again until I sign myself up for another race and I have to go out running to train. What I need is someone to give me the kick up the backside and tell me to stop being lazy. A running club would give me that kick. If I joined then I would have an “appointment” if you will, to go running. There would be others there who may (or may not) ask where I was if I didn’t go. And “I decided I’d rather get into my pj’s” isn’t exactly a valid excuse is it? So I contacted the club on twitter, just in case they had a policy about not accepting fake runners like myself. Turns out they’ll accept anyone!! Well maybe not anyone but they said yes to me! So Wednesday night, after getting the kiddies ready for bed, I put my running stuff on and left hubby in charge of bedtime.20130625-143041.jpg

I nearly didn’t go. It was cold. Hubby would have to put the kiddies to bed by himself. It was cold. It was dark. Did I mention it was cold? I forced myself to go even though I felt quite sick. Do you know what? The people were lovely. Yes I was in the group bringing up the rear but when I was told that those ahead of me run half marathons in the time I run 10k I didn’t feel so bad. We ran 6.5k uphill. I struggled a little as I have a cold and it was very smoky out for some reason (I have no idea why? Would it be due to the heavy fog we had?) and thinking about it I had been to the dentist that morning and had injections in my mouth. (Maybe, in hindsight, it was not the best idea to run after that but I had forgotten about it to be honest.) This sounds quite like a list of excuses but they are not really. They do account for the slow time but I was told by the woman who runs the group that I am a “nice little runner” so I obviously don’t run like Phoebe in Friends. 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I actually enjoyed running club and I know that I would keep up my running if I had others to run with on a regular basis. Little lady’s swimming lessons have moved from 9.30am to 11.30am on Saturday mornings now too, meaning that I can go to Park Run more often. My closest Park Run is in Cardiff so it’s not exactly close and little lady’s swimming lessons come first,hence why I have only been once since I found out where it was. Little lady and I are going tomorrow actually.

2013 medals

2013 medals

Maybe this time next year, if I keep going to the running club and to Park Run on a regular basis, maybe, just maybe, I may become a “proper runner” 😀


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