Making a Pig’s ear of things

Well the Christmas season is now well and truly upon us. For those of us with kids, that means trying to avoid any toy shop advert in the company of the little ones, constant threats of “Santa is watching, you know!” and the letters from the school inviting you to their Christmas Fair, or your child’s Christmas Concert. I kid of course (or do I?)

As much as I love Christmas, there seems to be a never ending line of people trying to part you from your money. This post is not about that though, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

This coming Tuesday is Little Lady’s Christmas concert. Last year she was an elf and looked fab in her little costume. This year however, she and 9 others in her class are pigs! Forgive me for sounding a bit dubious, and I am trying to reserve judgement until after I have seen the show/production(?), but I am not sure what part a herd of pigs played in the birth of Jesus.

Anyway, she needed a pig costume. The larger supermarkets all stocked the usual Nativity Character costumes but none of them seemed to have thought “I know what’s missing here……pigs!” Apparently there were a few pig costumes on the net and one lonely one in the local fancy dress shop! But that was it.

Thankfully I had a stash of pink fleece in the attic and set about making Little Lady’s costume. We borrowed a pig mask (which turned out to be rather scary!) from a friend who needed to borrow a pair of Angel wings for her little one. Fair swap. Although the pig mask is definitely going back after the concert!

Out of the fleece I made a pink onesie and was going to use velcro as a closure. Little Lady tried it on and immediately demanded to know where the hood was. So I added a hood. Then I couldn’t find any velcro in the attic. (I’m sure I have some but where???) By this point I had already received the second letter home “Don’t forget to send your child’s costume in by tomorrow ready for the dress rehearsals” Oops bad mammy! So at 6.30 in the morning I was attaching buttons to the front of the onesie. Little lady loves it and it looks okay. The hood is now (after putting in the buttonholes) slightly off centre but no one seems to have noticed yet apart from me. So maybe I won’t mention it.

Want to see it?

Scary Pig

Scary Pig

Please excuse the washing on the radiator. I mean we are all friends here aren’t we? *blushes*

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