Well I have quite a bit to catch up on. I’ve been so busy with Christmas Wrapped Up that I’ve had hardly any time to get on the laptop to write a blog post. I’ve got some makes to show you but first off I thought I’d tell you about my MoRun last month.

For some stupid reason I signed up for the 10k which I’m sure all you maths geniuses will know that’s double what I have run in the past!! What on earth was I thinking?? Firstly I thought I would challenge myself but also I felt I wanted to do something more as I was raising money for Velindre Cancer Centre, the hospital that treated my dad before he died 18 years ago.

I was quite young when he died, just a month short of my 13th birthday so I wasn’t really told much about his “illness”. What I do remember though is how lovely the staff at the hospital was to me (and my sister) whenever we went to visit. The atmosphere there was really nice (if you can say that about a cancer hospital). I didn’t really know much about cancer then but the memory of the hospital has always stuck with me and I really wanted to do something to help them give a similar memory to another child in that position.

I chose the MoRun as it is specifically for men’s cancers. My dad had testicular cancer. Thankfully it’s never something that I will, personally, have to worry about but the men in my life are/will be badgered about checking themselves often.

My training for this race was okay but before the actual race I hadn’t actually completed the whole distance before. Shocking right? I have to admit I felt a bit sick on the day and the announcement from the organisers saying there was a chance to change down from the 10k to the 5k was quite tempting. Pride was the only thing that stopped me from doing so. I had told everyone I was running 10k and I would have been really disappointed in myself if I had downgraded on the morning of the race.

We parked up and had a walk around the outside of Cardiff castle on the way to the park.


Can you see the Millennium Stadium in the background?

I had to collect my race number and timing chip from the registration tent and was rewarded with a lovely orange sweatband before I had a moustache painted on by the official “moustache painter” (there was a longer queue for that than the toilets lol!)

Looking stunning as always!!

The course was two laps and mentally I found that hard. At almost the 5k point the path split and the sign to the right said “Finish” and the sign to the left said “Second Lap”. It was hard to chose the left path I have to be honest! I found the hardest part of the race to be the bit between 8 and 9k. Mentally that was very hard. There was no end in sight and I was really tired by then. Surprisingly though it wasn’t my slowest km! Hubby and little lady was waiting for me near the finish line and I love seeing them cheering me on. It is such a boost. No matter how tired I felt, I somehow found the energy to sprint the last bit. I was rewarded with an ice cold cup of water and a lovely lovely medal in the shape of a moustache (well what else?)

After a race (and I’m an expert now I’ve done 3, you know!) I always feel so good. I guess that’s the “runner’s high” people talk about. Although I was very tired and so so hungry. Luckily we were on our way to my mum’s who had a gorgeous Sunday dinner on the table as I walked in the door. I love my mam, she’s the best!

In other news, while I was running hubby was teaching little lady how to ride her bike without stabilisers and she did it. Yay! So proud of her. Well she did have 1hr19mins to learn 😉

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