BEDN #5 Woodland Wedding

Today’s topic is supposed to be Bonfire Night but due to the storms on the weekend we didn’t go to the firework display at the Castle like we normally do. We have been invited to another firework display but that isn’t until the weekend which will be a bit late for this post, so I’m going off topic today and I’m going to tell you about the fantastic time we had at the end of last month when we were lucky enough to be invited to a woodland wedding.

The beautiful Fay got married in a beautiful forest in Scotland.

We had never been as far north as Scotland before so we were very excited to see this sign

We took a detour to make sure we crossed the Forth road bridge

As for the actual wedding itself we were asked to come dressed in wellies.

And little lady went dressed as a woodland fairy

The forest was beautiful and hubby was pleased as just after the ceremony he met some kayakers about to get in the water behind us


We had a fantastic time and I haven’t really shown you the best photos yet as they are still on my camera’s memory card! These are just ones I took with my phone. Why not pop over to Fay’s blog or Robyn’s blog to see much better photos?

I’ll be back on topic tomorrow.

BEDN #4 Food glorious Food

Food is the main topic of conversation here in the lifetimeofdiy household at the moment. Hubby and I are trying to lose weight so we are counting point values of food. I am struggling if I’m honest because I’m a snacker and I prefer to eat little and often rather than sit down for a meal. Unfortunately I’ve found that what I snack on have quite high point values so I am trying to eat proper meals which are being bulked out by veg as the first week I felt hungry all the time.

Last week it was slightly easier. Probably because I was starting to get used to eating differently but also because I was given a huge pumpkin from my step dad’s allotment. It made pumpkin pie which was quite high in points (double cream in the pie and whipped cream on the side ahem!) but the pumpkin was so big it also made gallons of soup. I froze some but there is only so much pumpkin soup we can eat so we gave some to my parents. Only fair really as the pumpkin came from them in the first place.

This Sunday we went to my parents for Sunday dinner and my mum gave me soup she had made from leftover veg as a swap for the pumpkin soup. It was so nice we decided to make our own. We made carrot and swede soup as that was what we had and this is how we made it:

Chop a small onion (ours was home grown) and put in a big pan with a blob of butter (that’s a technical term you know 😉 )
Fry gently for about 5minutes then put 2 chopped carrots (also home grown yay!) and a chopped up small swede (shop bought sorry) in the pan.
Add enough stock to cover the veg and simmer for about 20minutes (until the veg is soft)
Allow to cool then blend.

We divided it up into single portions and frozen some. Yummy on a chilly autumn evening. And the best part – it’s all veg so no point value 😀


BEDN #3 – Light

It’s only day 3 and I’m already struggling with what to write about. Surely that’s not a good sign?

I toyed with a lot of different things I could try to tie in with the light theme. Hubby and I made our own lampshade for a vintage lamp stand we were given but to be honest it’s not stiff enough so it sags slightly in the centre and until I sort it out properly it doesn’t look quite right. I thought about maybe mentioning how I’ve been trying really hard on my diet this week and after weighing this morning I am 2lbs lighter geddit?? But that just sounds a bit lame.

I know that no one expects a long and detailed post every day but I kind of set myself up for that when I signed up for BEDN. I think having this block so early on may have actually been good for me to realise that if I am going to do this challenge then I need to be realistic. The aim is to get into the habit of posting more often than I do now (which isn’t really that often. I started looking through my photos hoping that one of them would spark something and it did! Yay!

I found this lovely photo I took while out running a couple of months ago. I was running up this quiet stretch of road and when I turned the corner and the trees parted I was faced with the most gorgeous evening sky I have ever seen. I actually stopped and took a picture it was that amazing. Ladies and gents I leave you with “Fading light”


BEDN #2 Something I’ve made

Day 2 and this was actually something I was planning on blogging about anyway so didn’t take too much thought.

Thursday (as I’m sure most of you are aware) was Halloween. As Christians we don’t actually celebrate Halloween but it has become so mainstream now that it is hard to get away from all the parties and the trick or treating going on. It isn’t really fair for the kiddies to have to miss out especially when there are sweets and parties going on! So for the last few years a number of churches in town have got together to hold a Hallelujah party on the same night meaning that the kids still get to dress up and go to a party (and have lots of sweets 😉 ) without having to get involved with all the Halloweeny stuff.

Little lady decided she was going to go as an angel but changed her mind at the last minute and went as a beautiful ballerina instead. Both hubby and baby D went as Superman after I bought them both (yes that’s right – both of them) Superman pyjamas!! Baby D had a detachable cape on his too! He looked so cute and scrummy!

That just left me. I raided my fabric stash and found some lovely fabric that I had bought months ago but never got round to using. Thursday morning I got out my sewing machine and set to work. I used a pattern I had made for myself back last year, a zip and lining material from my stash and two hours later I had a finished dress. The neckline isn’t quite right but didn’t look too bad after I put a long sleeved top on underneath (it was cold and the dress was sleeveless). In hindsight I think I need to re-jig the pattern slightly and I do wonder if the dress would have looked better if I had bound the armholes with black bias binding to give it a bolder edge.

Even with these issues I felt comfortable in the dress and would definitely wear it again. I didn’t even mind when people asked if it was handmade so I may have actually learnt something from my life lesson. I even feel better about posting the photo. Okay I have left it til the end as I am not completely confident yet but I’m not dreading it either. So here it is – something I made.


BEDN Introduction

Elizabeth over at Rosalilium has set a Blog everyday in November challenge and I have decided to have a go. I don’t think I will make every day but I will try my best to blog more often than I do now.

There are topics for everyday just to give you a helping hand and today’s topic is introduction. So here goes – I’m Nicola, I live in a small village in the South Wales valleys and I am married with 2 children and a tortoise. I spend most of my time at home with my little man and work part time as a youth worker for the Presbyterian Church of Wales. I enjoy crafting – sewing mainly and we are currently trying to bring our old house up to a better standard than what it was when we moved in 3 years ago (wow was it really that long ago?) Our small backyard is split between the kiddies’ play area and a vegetable patch which we try to use to capacity as eventually we would love to move somewhere with a much bigger garden so that we can eventually be (almost) self sufficient.

So this is me

And I look forward to joining in with all the other lovely BEDN bloggers.