BEDN #14 My Workspace

I don’t actually have a dedicated workspace. I work from home and I use my laptop wherever I can find space to be honest. I used to but baby D’s bed now occupies the space where my desk used to be. I do try to use the drop down top of the bureau upstairs as a base as the printer is on the bookshelf next to it along with all my files. You had a glimpse in this post when I told you how I had started re organising the shelves.

They are in desperate need of reorganising as things just kept getting dumped there so I am trying to do a little bit each time I’m up there and I’ve got a spare minute; like when I’m waiting for something to download or print out.

The bureau is also pretty small and once the laptop is in place, there is very little room so papers get everywhere. 😦

Not very conducive to being productive.

So I have a plan. I am going to move all my work upstairs into the attic. It will be a lot of work as I would like all my paperwork (my office if you will) and my sewing stuff up there. I currently sew wherever my machine can go. Tonight I did some sewing on the kiddies’ table.

That can be interesting as my knees don’t fit under the table so working the pedal is a skill in itself!

Ideally I would like a desk where my sewing machine would stay and my laptop could go when I work up there, storage for my fabric, notions etc and of course somewhere for all my files to go. I know this is going to take some time as while I have already claimed a space it currently looks like this:

Oh I am embarrassed just showing you that. :/
I have started sorting and decluttering these boxes but most of them are full of fabric (oh the shame!) so it will be a lengthy task. But I am determined to get there and finally have my own little space that doesn’t encroach on the rest of the house.

What a dream that is!

3 thoughts on “BEDN #14 My Workspace

  1. My baby’s bed also occupies the space where my desk used to be (hence todays #BEDN is not following the theme)! Oh the frivolity of having a whole room for work AND craft! I did not know how lucky I was! Still, our little one’s are surely our greatest “work” no? You have inspired me to make a plan for regaining a workspace – thanks!

    • Baby’s are so inconsiderate aren’t they??? Lol! I don’t think we ever appreciate what we have until it’s gone!

      But like you say my babies are definitely my greatest work. Thank you for putting it like that.

      Enjoy planning your new workspace x

  2. How fantastic having all those boxes of fabric just waiting as an incentive to get the space sorted! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your progress on getting your dream workspace sorted! xx

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