BEDN #13 World Kindness Day

Oh dear! I missed the weekend of blogging every day in November. We have been a poorly household but I will try to catch up on some of the topics I missed.

Today, however is World Kindness Day. Shame I hadn’t realised beforehand as I would have been a bit more prepared. But I am the most disorganised person I know. I constantly forget things and sit up late the night before doing/making/finishing because I haven’t left myself enough time. 

Anyway today’s post is not about that. I want to tell you about a Random Act Of Kindness I experienced in the summer. Back when it happened I promised myself that I would “pay forward” this RAOK and do someone nice for someone else. I am sad to say I haven’t done that yet. I do try to be kind, I baked cakes for my cousin when she was going through a tough time, I try to ask people how they are and listen to their answer even if i don’t really know them all that well. 

I try to set a good example to little lady in particular. We regularly buy presents at Christmas for children in care, we pack shoeboxes to send abroad (Serbia this year) to children who are not likely to get anything for Christmas. Doing these things make me feel happy. Happy knowing that I can do something, however small, to make someone else’s life a bit easier. Have you seen the Friends episode where Phoebe tries to find a selfless good deed? It’s quite funny but also true as being kind to others usually makes me feel good about myself. 

Every summer there is a big festival held in my local town called the Big Cheese. There are food stalls, craft stalls, medieval reenactments, and a funfair. The funfair is sooo expensive we tend to avoid that. Thankfully little lady has always been easily distracted by the fact the castle is open (and it’s free to get in) so we spend time in there until she forgets. This year, instead of walking in as little lady would actually have to walk it now her brother is in the pram, we used the park and ride. We pulled up to the school, parked our car and started to walk over to where the buses are. As we went to cross the car park a man in a car stopped, rolled down his window and asked if we were on our way to the Big Cheese. Silly question I thought as this is only used as a park and ride for that purpose. After saying yes we were he handed us a little booklet and told us that his son was worn out and they were ours if we wanted them. When I looked the booklet contained tickets for 5 free rides on the funfair. I was gobsmacked. Those rides are £3-5 each. Before I could say thank you they had driven off. Little lady had so much fun on the rides and we didn’t have to pay for them. It really made our day. That family were so kind to give them to us and we didn’t even say a proper thank you. I’m sure, having their own child, they would know how grateful we would have been when we realised what was in the booklet.

I now need to decide what my RAOK is going to be. Any suggestions gratefully received.


4 thoughts on “BEDN #13 World Kindness Day

  1. What a lovely story! They could so easily have just stashed those tickets in their coat pocket and forgotten about them. Perhaps these random acts of kindness are difficult to plan – you’ll just recognise an opportunity when it comes along!

    • I know. The fact that they saw another family walking along and decided to stop. They could have so easily driven right past us.
      That’s a good point. Maybe they are random because they are spur of the moment things.

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